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100% Cotton Cushion Covers - Delightful Decor For Any Room Of The House

100% Cotton Cushion Covers

Cushions with huge, high-quality covers are a fantastic way to decorate any room of your home. They're comfortable, easy to use and can go nearly anywhere. You should consider getting some marvellously printed cotton cushion covers if you'd like to add a lovely pop of colour or beautiful art to your home.

Blue Egg Cushion Cover MARK DUGGAN
Doodlewear - 'Blue Egg' art print 100% cotton cushion covers by Contemporary Artist Mark Duggan.

What Kinds Of Cotton Cushion Covers Can I Get?

To browse your options, come over to doodlewear's cotton cushion cover collection to see what we have. We have beautiful cushion covers and cushion inners so that you can get soft covers and plush inners for your household.

All of our covers are printed with incredible original designs from our talented team of local New Zealand artists. So, lots of our designs are NZ-inspired. You can find cute pillows with designs of local NZ birds, flora and more.

There are all sorts of designs for all kinds of people. Plus, you can find art in nearly any colour, so you can have fun looking for your favourite colours or finding art that matches the rest of your home's decor.

Crowned Pohutukawa Cushion Cover ANNA MOLLEKIN
doodlewear 'Crowned Pohutukawa' Crown Lynn vase art print 100% cotton cushion covers by Contemporary New Zealand artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin. 

One thing that many people forget is that cushion covers are easily removed and replaced. Once you put a cover on a cushion, you don't have to leave it there forever; you can switch it out whenever you want. This makes decorating even more fun because you can change your cushion covers according to the season, the holidays or whenever you feel like it.

doodlweear 100% cotton cushion cover zipper

Routinely replacing your cushion covers is a charming way of welcoming in a new season or simply changing up your home a little to make things feel renewed.

To know which type of cover to get, consider these qualities:

  • Colour. What colour palette are you going for? Matching colours and choosing hues that go well together make a room feel like it has more flow.
  • Theme. Does your household's decor have a certain theme? If so, consider getting cushion covers that match the decor. If you like flowers, get some beautiful covers printed with gorgeous flowers. If you're an animal lover, look at the alluring art depicting New Zealand's iconic birds and other fauna.
  • Your Personal Preference. Always know that there is no right or wrong when decorating your home. If it makes you happy, then that's a good thing. Choose cushion covers with art that makes you smile, inspires you or reminds you of the wonderful beauty in the world.

Flower Power Frida Cushion Cover ADELIEN'S ART AND ANNA MOLLEKIN
doodlewear 'Flower Power Frida' (August 2023) art print 100% cotton Frida Kahlo cushion cover which is a special collaboration between two of our talented doodlewear contributing artists, Adelien de Wet of Adelien's Art and Anna Mollekin.

Where Can I Use Decorative Cushions In My Home?

Decorative cushions are incredible because you can put them nearly anywhere you want. They're not too big, so they're not cumbersome or annoying to have in the way, and they're not too small, so they're not too minuscule to make a difference.

A few nice things you can do with your delightful new cushion covers are:

Decorate Your Bed. Of course, one of the first things that you think of when you hear 'cushion' is 'bed!' Find some lovely printed cushion covers that make you smile and put them on cushions for your bed. This way, you can be surrounded by fascinating art when you fall asleep and when you wake up.

Make Your Sofa More Inviting. A few cushions here and there make any sofa better. They're cute and comfortable - perfect for any welcoming home. They'll also make your sofa comfier to sit on.

Cushion Your Chairs. You can put a cushion on a chair to make it better to sit on and prettier when it's not being used. This tip can be especially helpful to people who spend a lot of their time, whether they're working or spending time on a hobby, sitting down in a chair. Simply placing a cute cushion under or behind you can do wonders for your comfort and happiness.

Give Your Furry Friend A Comfy Present. Your cushions don't have to just be for you, either. Your dog, cat or other pet might appreciate a cosy new pillow to sleep on. Although animals typically don't care for colour or art as much as we do, they will surely like a comfortable place to rest their heads.

Share The Love - Gift Cute Cushion Covers To Your Loved Ones. Remember, you don't have to shop for just yourself! A fantastic thing about buying products printed with creative art is that there's something for everyone, so you should have a very easy time finding something your loved ones will like.

My Sunshine Cushion CoverDoodlewear - 'My Sunshine' floral print cushion covers by Contemporary New Zealand artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin.

Doodlewear - 'Bloom B&W' art print 100% cotton floral print cushion covers by Taranaki watercolourist Emily Rajasingh.

Cotton cushion covers make for excellent gifts because these cosy presents can be used and appreciated daily. Your friends and family will be grateful for a gift that brings them comfort and joy whenever they see it.

I Want To Decorate My Home With Cute, Creative Cotton Cushion Covers, Where Can I Get Some?

View our collections at doodlewear for charming products that'll bring stunning art into your home. Our clothing and homeware also make for incredible gifts!

Mānuka Honey Cushion Cover LESH CREATES
Doodlewear - doodlewear 'Mānuka Honey' (2021art print 100% cotton cushion covers by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh Creates.

We also have a wonderful sale page with discounted products if you'd like to save some money.

You can email us at info@doodlewear.co.nz to get in touch with our team.

Make any home brighter and more inviting with doodlewear!

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