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Clouds of Colour: A Creative Journey as a Watercolour Artist

Meet Bec Brown: The Talented Watercolour Artist from New Zealand

Welcome to the colourful world of Bec Brown, the brilliant watercolour artist behind Clouds of Colour, from New Zealand. Nestled at the top of the South Island, she paints her beautiful creations while enjoying the beachside life with her son. Bec specialises in stunning floral art, original paintings, art prints, and more, all crafted in her distinctive watercolour and ink pen style.

In our recent "Creative Chat" with Bec, she gave us a glimpse into her journey as an artist, her inspirations, and the fascinating stories behind her captivating artwork.


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Discovering the Artistic Journey

Bec's path to defining her unique art style is a tale of experimentation and self-discovery. After a trip to California, she picked up a set of watercolours, and her passion for painting flowers was ignited. A decade later, she continues to create exquisite artwork that captivates hearts. For Bec, the best part of being an artist is the excitement of waking up each day and dedicating her creative energy to her own business.


Behind the Scenes

A graphic design background provided her with a strong foundation, but Bec's ultimate dream was to create art while nurturing her family as a stay-at-home mum. Her dedication to this dream shines through in her creations.


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Inspirations Galore

Bec finds inspiration in her mother's garden from her childhood, and she often immerses herself in the beauty of nature to spark new ideas for her art. Wildflowers, old wallpaper patterns, and the serenity of embroidery books also feed her creative soul. Bec shares, "My mum's garden from my childhood is a huge inspiration. If I am in a creative rut, you’ll find me out in nature absorbing all the beauty, to gain new inspiration and clarity for artworks."


Unblocking the Creative Flow

When inspiration is elusive, Bec heads to the beach with her son, allowing herself time to relax and recharge. She believes that the creative process is as much about nurturing the soul as it is about producing art. In her own words, she shares, "I head to the beach for a picnic with my son. Taking the pressure off yourself to create something amazing means that you have time to relax and recharge. It is as important as the creating part!"


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A Message in Every Stroke

Bec's art aims to leave a trail of beauty in the world, evoking loving memories through her exquisite flower paintings. Her signature style, a delightful fusion of watercolours and ink pens, is what she is known for.


From Dreams to Artwork

Some of Bec's most significant pieces have sprung from her dreams or her obsession with certain flowers. Her creative process involves sketching, inking, and applying watercolours to bring her ideas to life. Bec shared, "Some of my bigger pieces have come to me in dreams, or I just can't stop thinking about certain flowers. Then I create the artwork!"



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The Evolution of an Artist

Over the years, her style has remained consistent, but her products have evolved. She's shifted her focus from desiring a whole stationery range to creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces and artworks for t-shirts.


Everyday Life's Impact

Being a solo mum means adapting to painting in short bursts, rather than long uninterrupted sessions. This change has allowed her to savour the journey of creation and take the pressure off completing pieces.



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Tools of the Trade as a Watercolour Artist

Watercolour and ink pens are Bec's trusted companions, along with high-quality brushes and textured paper. They are the essentials she couldn't imagine creating without. Bec's favourite part of working with watercolours is the fluidity and lightness they offer. With just a tiny bit of paint on her brush, she can create enchanting strokes on the canvas.


A Love for Flowers

Flowers, particularly wildflowers, are her preferred subject matter. She sometimes uses photo references for new flowers, bringing them to life in her unique style.


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A Personal Connection

While she has many favourite artworks, some remain close to her heart and hang in her home until she's ready to part with them. The connection between the artist and her creations is truly special. Bec shared, "Oooh, I have many. Some that I can't quite part with yet I will have up in my home until I am ready for them to move on to the next home. It feels nice to enjoy them first!"


Pursuing Your Artistic Dream

For those considering a transition to a full-time artist, Bec advises waiting until your art demands more of your time and believing in yourself and your work. Bec encourages beginners to explore various styles and mediums until they discover their unique artistic voice, seeking inspiration from nature and local libraries or galleries rather than relying solely on social media.


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Bec Brown's path as a watercolour artist stands as a remarkable testament to the compelling force of pursuing one's passions. Her captivating floral art, infused with a distinctive style, has left an enduring imprint on the world of art. 

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