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Cool, Cute And Comfy Kids’ Tee Shirts: The Perfect Addition To Your Child’s Summer Wardrobe

The Big Strawberry tee - art for a cause LESH CREATES
Doodlewear - doodlewear 'The Big Strawberry' Mary Potter Hospice Art for a Cause T-Shirt, designed by New Zealand illustrative artist Lesh Creates.

Summer's just around the corner, and it's time to get your children some comfy clothes that they can run and play in. Any parent knows that children love comfortable clothes that have interesting patterns or art printed on them; basically, the perfect summertime clothes for children are comfy tee shirts.

Your child will appreciate the fun art printed on these shirts, the pleasant materials they're made of, and how easy they are to wear. Plus, you can appreciate how durable and long-lasting they are if treated right.

matt coates - MCA-boys-shirtsDoodlewear - 'Lil’ Meerkat' and ‘A Whale’s Journey’ art print t shirts by by New Zealand Artist Matt Coates.

Fun Printed Tee Shirts That Children Love

Our tees stand out from the crowd because they are printed with unique, creative art that is created by our very own collaboration team of exceptionally talented New Zealand artists. When you look through our selection, you will see a fine collection of art that's based on all sorts of subjects and styles.

This art really is what makes our products so special because no matter what your kids like, you'll be able to find something here that they love! Does your child love animals? Grab them something with New Zealand's native fauna printed on it. Does your kid appreciate bright, fun colours? Select something with a vibrant colour palette that any creative kid can enjoy.

Maria Benison - MB-JurassicTime-Red-1Doodlewear - 'Jurassic Time' art print t shirt by Wellington-based artist Maria Elizabeth.

Basically, our tees:

  • Are printed with incredibly unique art that's drawn by local New Zealand artists.
  • Are made with good, high-quality materials to ensure that they're comfy and long-lasting.
  • Come in a range of sizes. You can get tees for the adults, children and infants in your family.

doodlewear kanuka glen and cloudsDoodlewear - Floral Love' art printed t shirt by NZ Artist Clouds of Colour.
Doodlewear - 'Riding With The King' art print t shirt by New Zealand artist John Jepson.

Awesome Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kids Some Creative Tee Shirts

There are so many great reasons why you should get some awesome tees for your child this summer! A few of the most notable reasons are:

Your Child Can Appreciate And Show Off Their Artsy Side With These Cool Tees. Tee shirts remain a popular piece of apparel for any gender, age or size due to many reasons, but one of the most prominent reasons is that they can suit basically any interest. Your kid most likely has heaps of fun and creative interests that they love, so they'll certainly love an awesome new tee that shows off one of their favourite things.

Your kid can proudly walk around with art printed on their shirt that shows off something that makes them special. Whether it's their love of art, their interest in animals or more, they'll surely have fun showing their friends their cool shirts.

Remember, you can also get some shirts for yourself! So you could even get your own tee in the same style as your child's and have fun matching with them.

Kool Sneakers, Kea! tee - art for a cause M_ILLUSTRATE
Doodlewear - 'Kool Sneakers, Kea!' art print t shirt by New Zealand Digital Artist Melina van Wyk and is dedicated to her autistic son.

They're Comfy And Allow Your Child To Stay Active And Mobile. Most kids love running around and being active, and all kids love being comfortable. With a tee shirt, your child can do both. Tees are designed to be unrestrictive and comfy. They don't have stuffy sleeves or bothersome buttons, so your little one doesn't need to worry about messing with fussy clothing as they play.

Plus, most children don't enjoy spending a lot of time getting dressed. Tee shirts are a fantastic option because they can be thrown on in a matter of seconds. They can easily get dressed in the morning as they get ready for school or change into their pyjamas.

doodlewear My Mysterious Friend tee NESTER PRINTSDoodlewear - 'My Mysterious Friend' art printed t shirt by Nelson based Printmaker and Illustrator Esther Remnant.

They're Useful And Can Be Used In Nearly Any Setting. Although tee shirts are a fantastic option for summer, that doesn't mean they're only good for the warmer months. In fact, tees make for an excellent clothing choice for any time of the year. If it's too hot, just put on a tee and head out. If it's too cold, layer some more clothing on top of your tee and get cosy.

Tees can also be worn and enjoyed in nearly any casual setting. Your child can wear their new favourite tee shirt at school while they're learning, outside when they're playing, at home when they're relaxing or even when you're out as a family and spending quality time together.

doodlewear After the Rain tee SALLYARTDoodlewear - 'After the Rain' (2021) art printed t shirt by Christchurch based Mixed Media Artist Sallyart.

Where To Go For Unique Tees, Sweatshirts, Cushion Covers And Other Excellent Products

Are you ready to get some incredible tees for your child's summer wardrobe? Visit us at doodlewear! We love helping New Zealanders of all ages find clothing and products that they love.

Head on over to our boutique online store to find awesome clothing. You can also view our selection of creative cushion covers, useful tote bags, lovely tea towels and more!

We encourage you to email our team at if you have any questions or concerns.

Give your child the gift of pleasant comfort and beautiful art with doodlewear!

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