Getting to know: Auckland Mixed Media Artist Adelien de Wet

Adelien de Wet resides in Auckland, New Zealand's Forest Hill on the North Shore, where she is a mixed media artist who creates colourful, whimsical, and stylised works of art. Adelien’s art focuses on portraits and positivity. Ranging from fairies to colourful mixed media pieces filled with positive affirmations.

Recently we caught up with Adelien for a doodlewear artist interview, and she was kind enough to share about her life and mixed media art with us.

Auckland Mixed Media Artist Adelien de WetAuckland based Mixed Media Artist Adelien de Wet. 


Throughout her life, Adelien has always been creative. From being a merchandiser and window dresser to a stylist on photo shoots. She has always done some type of art or craft. From dance to fabric painting to mosaics, Adelien has always been drawn to creative pursuits, and today, being creative comes naturally to her.

She finds that there are a few very inspiring famous mixed media artists whose work resonates with her when it comes to being inspired to create art. But when it comes to those that truly inspire her, Adelien has learned so much from taking their online workshops. Tamara Laport is an excellent artist who she finds inspirational, as are Jane Davenport's work and art supplies. Authentic people, colour, magic, and positive affirmations and vibes inspire Adelien.

For ideas and inspiration, she uses Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube to get her creative mojo back when she is uninspired.

"My art is meant to inspire positivity and magic and bring colour into the viewers life."

Adelien is known for her colourful whimsical stylised portraits. As a Mixed Media Artist, she loves to combine acrylic paint, markers, and ink with water-soluble media and collage. This gives the mixed media art paintings an amazing depth and layering. Her favourite aspect of working with this medium is the complete freedom it allows her.

"Mixed media art has no rules, that appeals to me. You can do whatever you want, and use supplies in whichever way works for you. I am just so inspired by all the diverse mixed media artists out there. Doing mixed media art in very individual and unique ways. The possibilities are endless." 

The subject matter Adelien most enjoys painting is portraiture. "I love faces, especially fairies and whimsical creatures or colourful and interesting faces." A variety of mixed media art materials, art supplies and journals are among her preferred tools of choice, along with altered books and canvas. Naturally her art has evolved over time as her skill has developed, giving her work more depth and dimension. Adelien gets her ideas for each piece of art from her massive Pinterest file of portraits.

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Although Adelien finds it difficult to pick a favourite piece of art that she has created, she believes that every time she paints a Frida Kahlo portrait, she loves it! "She is so colourful and authentic. Very inspiring."

Pablo Picasso's quote "Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life,” is one of Adelien's favourites.

Adelien believes that the best part about being an artist is that it allows her to live artistically and that it is fulfilling in many ways, the most significant of which is the mental health advantages she obtains from regular art practice. "Doing what I love, earning money for it and inspiring others by doing it."

Adelien's advice to aspiring artists is to focus on the process rather than the end result. The value and healing from art are in the doing! Her greatest piece of wisdom has always been to trust the process. She would tell her younger self to go with the flow and trust that everything is working out exactly the way it should. 

doodlewear Faye Royalty art print t shirt by Auckland based Mixed Media Artist Adelien de Wet.doodlewear 'Faye Royalty' art print Maple Grey Marle graphic tee for women by Adelien de Wet.


In her career as an artist, she aspires to maintain a living from her paintings after her retirement. Doodlewear is honoured to work with such a creative talent like Adelien, and we look forward to following her artistic journey.



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