Getting to know: Kirsty McMahon an Illustrator Artist from Pukekohe

Kirsty McMahon, also known as Little Wildflower Creative, lives in Pukekohe, Auckland. Kirsty is an illustrative artist who specialises in fine-line modern florals, including native New Zealand flora. We recently caught up with Kirsty, who was gracious enough to share with us about her creative journey and artwork.


Little Wildflower Creative Kirsty McMahon New Zealand Artist creating

Kirsty McMahon, the creative force behind Little Wildflower Creative, is a New Zealand illustrative artist.

"I wanted to be an artist when I was a child and would often draw my toys and paint random scenes. Somewhere along the line, though, I lost that dream and have had many jobs in between! Most recently, I was a preschool teacher. I got myself burnt out and chose not to return after my maternity leave ran out."

Kirsty's love of art was reignited in 2019 when she began doodling flowers. She decided to treat herself to some fine ink pens and drew a floral letter E for her daughter's room at the dining room table while her daughter rested. Kirsty shared this on social media and was astounded by the response. That's how Little Wildflower Creative was born. "Soon I was selling prints of my floral designs and began dabbling in fluid painting."

As an artist Kirsty is inspired by the natural world! All of the lovely plants and animals surrounding her.

Kirsty creates her stunning artworks using very thin ink pens because she loves to achieve maximum detail. She often mixes them with watercolours. "I also love creating with alcohol inks (the polar opposite to ink pens!) and will experiment with any media I can get my hands on!"

Little Wildflower Creative Kirsty McMahon Pukekohe Illustrative Artist

Kirsty McMahon is wearing her stunning doodlewear New Zealand map ‘Sea of Flowers' hand drawn kiwiana artwork.

Her most popular pieces to date are her New Zealand Map artworks 'NZ Flora' and 'Sea of Flowers,' which feature native NZ flowers which she sells as art prints as well as on quality doodlewear garments. This stunning artwork was inspired by Kirsty's love of New Zealand and its distinctive native flora.

Kirsty also creates bespoke 'family posies' using a family's birth flowers to create a special, one-of-a-kind artwork. She enjoys drawing these unique family treasures by hand. People enjoy having something entirely unique and personal for their family that they can cherish forever.

Ten fun facts about Kirsty

  1. If she could be any animal in the world, she would absolutely be a bird. "Maybe a swallow as I love the ocean."
  2. She has always wanted to visit Japan during the cherry blossom season, which is one of the items on her bucket list.
  3. She has no fancy studio, she draws at their dining room table.
  4. In no particular order, she loves sunshine, trees, music, the beach, Mexican food, laughing, flowers, sunsets and chocolate.
  5. She does not like cake.
  6. She has trypophobia (aversion or fear of tiny holes, bumps or patterns).
  7. Her favourite drink is a passionfruit martini.
  8. She has three tattoos.
  9. Kirsty used to own a soy candle business.
  10. She cannot decide what her favourite flower is, but at the moment it is a magnolia.

 doodlewear Kiwi art printed Maple Navy T shirt by LITTLE WILDFLOWER CREATIVE

 Styling inspiration for doodlewear Kiwi Maple t shirt by Little Wildflower Creative


Kirsty's advice for artists starting out

Kirsty's advice for new or young artists is to draw inspiration from other artists, but don’t model them.

"Comparison is the thief of joy and will hinder you from finding your own unique style too. You don’t need to stick with one style either, keep experimenting and growing, and have fun with it!"

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Little Wildflower Creative's most popular artworks


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