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Gifts for Him: Unlock His Passion with Thoughtful Presents that Speak to His Hobbies

Unwrap The Gift Of Love: Gifts for Him

Looking for the perfect gift for the special man in your life? Look no further! Whether it's his birthday, anniversary, Father's Day or simply a way to show your appreciation, finding a gift that truly speaks to his passions and hobbies is the key to unlocking his excitement. We understand that choosing the right present can be a daunting task, which is why we're here to help you navigate the world of gift-giving with ease.


doodlewear 'Ornate Trio Of Snapper' Men's Black Sweatshirt by New Zealand Contemporary Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin

doodlewear 'Ornate Trio Of Snapper' Men's Sweater Black by New Zealand Contemporary Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin. 


From adventurous outdoor enthusiasts to art lovers, we have curated a selection of thoughtful presents that are sure to ignite his passion and bring a smile to his face. So, why settle for a generic mass-produced gift when you can surprise him with something that truly resonates with his interests? Let's dive into our Doodlewear handpicked collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and homeware, featuring artwork by amazing New Zealand artists. Uncover the perfect gift that will leave him feeling understood, appreciated, and ready to embrace his passions like never before.


Understanding His Interests and Hobbies

Before we delve into the world of gift ideas, it's crucial to understand the importance of thoughtful gifts. These gifts go beyond the material value and show your loved one that you truly know and appreciate their interests, personality and hobbies. By selecting a present that aligns with their passions, you demonstrate your effort in finding a gift that speaks directly to their heart. It's not just about the physical item; it's about the sentiment behind it. When you give a thoughtful gift, you create a connection between the gift and the person, making it a cherished item that holds sentimental value for years to come.


doodlewear 'Creatures Of The High Seas' (2021) art print t shirt by New Zealand Artist Matt Coates

doodlewear 'Creatures Of The High Seas' art print Men's White Staple t shirt by New Zealand Artist Matt Coates


Gift Ideas for NZ Bird Loving Individuals

For the nature enthusiasts and bird lovers, our selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies featuring stunning New Zealand bird artwork by NZ artists is the perfect choice. From the charismatic kiwi to the majestic tui, these garments allow him to proudly display his love for the avian wonders of New Zealand. These high-quality, comfortable pieces are not only a fashion statement but also a conversation starter, sparking discussions about the unique bird species found in this beautiful country. With their vibrant colours and intricate details, these garments are sure to be a hit with any bird lover.


doodlewear 'Spread Your Wing's and Fly' (2021) art print t shirt by NZ Contemporary Realism Artist Trish Harding

doodlewear 'Spread Your Wing's and Fly' art print Sage Men's Staple t shirt by NZ Contemporary Realism Artist Trish Harding.

 doodlewear 'Milford Kea' (2019) art print t shirt by Contemporary Artist Mark Duggan

doodlewear 'Milford Kea' art print Men's Black Staple t shirt by Contemporary Artist Mark Duggan.





Gift Ideas for Beach Lovers

If your special man is a beach enthusiast, our collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies inspired by beach life is sure to impress. Featuring cool wave artworks, beach landscapes, and marine life, these garments capture the essence of the sun, sand, and waves. Whether he's a surfer, beachcomber, loves to fish, or simply someone who enjoys the laid-back coastal vibe, these gifts will transport him to his happy place and remind him of his favourite beach memories. With their comfortable materials and stylish designs, these pieces are perfect for both casual outings and lazy beach days



Maria-Benison Rock-Pool-Burgundy

doodlewear 'Rock Pool' art print Staple Burgundy t shirt by Wellington-based artist Maria Elizabeth.


doodlewear--Into-the-Deep-Dani-Hedges-mens-premium-crew-doodlewear-petrol-blueMuriwai Sea Spray tee ONE THOUSAND BLOOMS

Snapper, Catch Of The Day tee EMILY MOFFITT ART





Gift Ideas for Outdoor Adventurers

For the adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers, our range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies with outdoor adventure art themes will fuel their passion for exploration. Whether he enjoys hiking, camping, or extreme sports, these garments are great to show his passions while providing comfort and style. From mountains to forests, these gifts will inspire him to embrace nature's wonders and embark on thrilling adventures.

Pocket Weta tee NESTER PRINTS

doodlewear 'Pocket Weta' art print Camel Men's Staple t shirt by Nelson based Printmaker and Illustrator Esther Remnant.







Gift Ideas for Kiwiana Lovers

If your loved one has a deep appreciation for Kiwiana, our collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies showcasing iconic New Zealand symbols is the ideal choice. From the classic pohutukawa to the beloved jandal, these garments celebrate the unique identity of New Zealand. By wearing these Kiwiana-inspired pieces, he can proudly display his love for his homeland and its rich heritage. These gifts not only showcase his national pride but also serve as a reminder of the shared memories and experiences that make New Zealand a special place.

doodlewear 'Riding With The King' art print t shirt by New Zealand artist John Jepson

doodlewear 'Riding With The King' art print Navy Men's Staple t shirt by New Zealand artist John Jepson.








Gift Ideas for Foodies

For culinary enthusiasts and food lovers, our selection of t-shirts and tea towels featuring mouthwatering food designs is sure to tickle their taste buds. From juicy vegetables and fruits to delectable desserts, these garments and kitchen accessories are perfect for those who enjoy cooking, barbecuing, or simply indulging in delicious meals. These gifts allow them to showcase their passion for food and add a touch of culinary flair to their wardrobe or kitchen. With vibrant colours and enticing artwork, these items will surely make them the talk of the next dinner party.

Fresh From The Garden tee CARA ROSE ART

doodlewear 'Fresh From The Garden' art print Men's White Staple t shirt by NZ based Contemporary Artist Cara Rose Art.


Our tea towels also make great gifts for men who love to cook. Not only are these decorative kitchen tea towels great for drying dishes, but they can also be used as gift-wrap. Use a tea towel to wrap a present, such as a bottle of wine, a small box, or a cookbook. It's a unique, usable, and eco-friendly alternative to regular gift wrapping.

Bakers Dozen tea towel MARK DUGGAN

Quality 100% cotton large NZ Tea Towels featuring 'Bakers Dozen' art print by Contemporary Artist Mark Duggan.





Gift Ideas that Also Give to Charity

If your loved one is passionate about giving back, our 'Art For A Cause' collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and homewares that support charitable causes will make the perfect gift. These garments are not only stylish but also contribute to making a positive impact on the world. With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting various charities and organisations by the artist, allowing your loved one to wear their values proudly. These gifts show that you not only understand his interests but also share his desire to make a difference in the world.

Kiwi's Lace tee - art for a cause ANNA MOLLEKIN

doodlewear 'Kiwi's Lace' art print t shirt by Contemporary New Zealand Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin. Art for a cause: Anna generously donate $5 from every Kiwi's Lace t-shirt sold to the Moehau Environment Group.


And remember, please don't guess his doodlewear garment size! By measuring and following our easy clothing size charts, you will get the perfect fit to gift him. If you can't sneak or get someone to sneak the measurements off one of his favourite tops, we offer gift vouchers.

Here's how to measure his size easily HERE »



Not sure what to get him, or what his size is? Give the gift of New Zealand art that can be worn with our digital gift vouchers! When you purchase a gift voucher, you'll receive a unique gift voucher code that can be used at doodlewear's checkout to redeem its value. Plus, you can print it out and give it to him in person.



Kaimoana crew LESH CREATES

doodlewear 'Kaimoana' art print Men's Black sweatshirt by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh Creates.


When it comes to finding the perfect gift for the special man in your life, thoughtful presents that speak to his hobbies and passions are the way to go. By selecting a gift that aligns with his interests and personality, you show that you truly understand and appreciate him. From t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies that celebrate his love for nature, the beach, outdoor adventures, Kiwiana, or food, to DIY gifts that add a personal touch, there are endless options to choose from. So, why settle for a generic gift, mass-produced gift when you can unlock his passion with something that resonates with him on a deeper level?




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