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How do I know what style is, and am I stylish? The burning questions!

It’s simple.

Do you feel excited to get dressed?

Written by Amy Tran

Are you happy and comfortable in your clothing? If the answer is yes, you know your style. You’ve got it down to fine art. You’re buying the right show-stopping outfits to fill up that bucket. The most important thing about style is how you feel while you wear it. 

If the answer is no, then we have work to do. Not that I don’t want to get out of bed and go to work, chores.  It’s jumping out of bed to get dressed into that outfit you strategically picked out the night before. Catch a glimpse of how amazing you look in the mirror type of work. 

Make it fun, not a chore. Forget about what everyone else likes and dislikes. What do you like, what lights you up? Think colour, fabric, structure, and comfort. Are you a jeans and t-shirt type of gal or do you crush on a stunning dress? Maybe a bit of both, like me. Most importantly, buy the correct size for yourself!

Shall we get started?

In this crazy time of fast fashion, my top tip is to slow down. Everyone is keen to get a bargain, I get it. However, most of the time these items are bought without much thought and more of a quick fix to get that dopamine hit, yay something new and I got it so cheap, go me! 

Not only do these items end up at the bottom of your wardrobe feeling sad and lonely, but it also means that most likely a real person didn’t get paid what they should for their skilled labour or just not paid at all. It’s also extremely bad for the environment. 

So how do we slow down? Go through your wardrobe and see what you need to fill the gaps, and what events you have coming up, write it down so you don’t end up buying the things you don’t really need. Next would be to get online and follow the brands that really resonate with you and your ethos. This could be the sustainable fabrics and/or the made-to-order focus they have, along with the designs that you would love to wear.


Measure yourself!

It’s always a good idea to give yourself a measure every season, especially if you, like me, buy a lot of clothing online. Purchasing online means that you will need to check the online store’s size guide, most good online stores will have a comprehensive size guide. The reason being is that all brands have their own sizes no two brands are the same, and sizing can vary greatly. If you still can’t work it out or are in between sizes, ask. All good, non-mass-produced brands will be happy to help, if they aren’t willing to help then they aren’t for you. 

Ames Store Measuring guide


Buying the correct size of clothing ensures a good fit and you will be so much more confident and comfortable rocking your style. A measuring tape is a very handy tool and they aren’t expensive to purchase. You could also use a piece of string, and then measure it out on a ruler to get your measurements. This will save you in the long run with painful returns and non-wear regret. 


how to measure doodlewear size


Read the description

Read the description for the piece of clothing on the website so you can figure out what kind of fit it has. Do you prefer tighter-fitted clothing or that with a bit of movement and space? The description will give you a good idea of the fit. Here you can also look at the sizes the brand caters for.

 Ames Store Anna Dress Lilac Check

Ames Store Anna Dress Lilac Check


Colour, most of us love it but do you wear it?

Have fun experimenting with colour in your wardrobe. Whether it be mixing and matching colours or just a splash of colour, it can really be a mood booster. Think about your favourite colours and the vibe they give you when you look at them. When looking for clothing try and remember to add these colours to your closet of style. You might even feel a little different when you wear them. 

Personally, I always try to buy natural fibres like cotton, linen and silk. These fabrics breathe and feel lovely on the skin. They have an amazing comfort factor. Next time you see a garment you love make sure to check the fabric content. You will be very surprised at your favourite brands selling a lot of polyesters, rayon, acrylic, acetate, and nylon. With some not disclosing the fabric at all, sneaky. 


Buying less means you could spend more on the quality pieces that fit right, feel right and that you will wear again and again (getting those sweet compliments every time).

I have always been a big fan of thrift shopping, so whilst figuring out your style don’t discount a thrift shop or even Trade Me. You will be surprised at the treasures you will find! I have found lots of amazing garments through both. My style is heavily influenced by vintage clothing. I love to mix and match my vintage with high-quality garments. It’s a win-win to balance out the cost and make this beautiful planet of ours happy. 

What I’m Currently Obsessing Over...

With summer now here I’m looking for bright lightweight garments, that are airy and fun. 

T-shirts and blouses that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. As well as cute dresses that are easy to throw on and go. 

I am also loving knit pants for when it cools down at night. They are super comfy and look great on any figure. They can be worn with t-shirts, tops/blouses or shirts which are either tight-fitting or a bit more flowing. Matching with sneakers, sandals or even heels, so they are very versatile. Think about what you have in your wardrobe that you could mix and match. 

1 Ames Store Anna Top White | 2 Ames Store  Anna Dress Summer Garden | 3 doodlewear Peony Square Maple Tee by Clouds of Colour | 4 Ames Store Anna Dress Black

Amy Tran ~ Ames Store Founder

Amy Tran is a New Zealand fashion designer, creative and owner of Ames Store. With qualifications including a BMA (Graphic Design) and NZ Certificate in Financial Services, Amy is now focusing on the big, beautiful and breathtaking process of designing and creating clothing for all. Ames Store is a slow fashion brand designed and made in New Zealand, which focuses on custom-made ethical fashion created to last. Amy is a firm believer that slow beats fast and quality trumps quantity. That you should feel inspired by your wardrobe - season after season, year after year.
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