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Make Your Outfit Truly Special With Limited Edition Tees

Stevie the Seagull tee - PENNY ROYAL DESIGNSOLD OUT Doodlewear - 'Stevie the Seagull' limited edition art print t shirt by New Zealand Artist Penny Royal.

Delightful graphic tees are something that many modern people have in their wardrobes. These charming shirts show off our personalities, come in different looks and colours and are just plain comfortable. And, with a special limited edition tee, you can make your wardrobe even more unique than most.

Part of what makes these exceptional shirts great is that they’re perfect for anyone of any age or body type - everyone can enjoy them! So, whether you’re shopping for yourself or want to get your friends or family a lovely gift, a limited-edition tee is a fantastic choice.

Take Me To The Ocean-CLOUDS OF COLOURDoodlewear - 'Take Me To The Ocean' Limited Edition Tshirts by NZ Artist Clouds of Colour.

What Are Limited Edition Tees?

Limited edition tees are exactly what they sound like; they’re special, limited edition tee shirts that are of limited supply. Rather than being continuously printed, only a set amount of these marvellous shirts will ever be printed.

When you wear one of these, you get the privilege of being one of only a small handful of people in the world who has one of these charming pieces of clothing - talk about exclusive!

Their limited qualities make them feel more wonderful than standard shirts, so they also make wonderful gifts. If you see a limited tee that you know you or a loved one will love, you should take that opportunity to get it before it’s gone for good.

Limited edition tees are printed with high-quality, beautiful and captivating art. Our team of talented artists works hard to bring you lovely art of all kinds. Many of these tees are printed with art that contains elements of New Zealand - like the iconic kiwi bird and other native New Zealand animals - so you can show off your NZ pride as you don these unique shirts.

Coastal tee -LESH CREATESDoodlewear - 'Coastal' limited edition art print t shirt by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh Creates.

Things You Should Know About Exclusive Limited Tees

As a smart shopper, you might have a few questions about these tees. Some commonly wondered questions are:

Who Are These Tees For? As mentioned above, these tees are for everyone! Printed shirts are a fantastic fashion choice for anyone of any size, gender or age. They come in various sizes, including sizes for youths and children, so anyone can enjoy them.

The high-quality art printed on these shirts can also be enjoyed by anyone. Kids will love the delightful animals and colours, and adults can appreciate the beautiful skill that went into creating these designs. Overall, there’s something for everyone in this exclusive collection of shirts.

Kea & Ruru Totally NZ Winter long sleeve t shirt -EBOZZASTUDIODoodlewear - 'Kea & Ruru Totally NZ Winter' limited edition art print long sleeve t shirt by Auckland Mixed Media and Digital Artist Elaine Bozza.

How Many Of These Limited Shirts Are There? You are probably wondering, if these shirts are limited, how limited are they? Only fifty of each of these tee shirts will ever be made, and then they’ll be unavailable. So, if you get your hands on one you like, you’ll know that you’re one of only fifty people who have one.

To make things more fun, you can even buy one for yourself and then get some for your loved ones so you can wear these limited shirts together.

Coral Cruiser Trish HardingDoodlewear - 'Coral Cruiser' art print Limited Edition Tshirts by NZ Contemporary Realism Artist Trish Harding.

How Can I Wear These Shirts? One of the best parts about wearing printed tee shirts is that they go with basically any kind of outfit. You could pair them with casual jeans, put a coat over them or experiment with matching them with different accessories.

Although every one of these shirts is perfect for any time of the year, certain prints are ideal for matching with certain looks. For example, art with snow or warmer clothes is great for cosy wintertime looks.

On the other hand, art showing off inviting beaches and sunglasses will go perfectly in a casual summertime outfit.

Are These Shirts Made Of Good Materials? Naturally, it would be disappointing to buy a special limited edition tee shirt only for it to get torn up within a month. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about that with these shirts; we use high-quality materials and a great printing process in order to ensure that our valued customers are satisfied.

You can check out our terms and conditions page to view helpful information about caring for your products. We recommend that you review these care tips before you wear or wash your limited tees. By following them, you can ensure your special shirts last a long time.

Anna Mollekin Ode To The Flowers tee - Limited Edition of 50Doodlewear - 'Ode To The Flowers' limited edition art print t shirt by NZ Contemporary Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin.

How To Get Your Own Fashionable Tees Today

Check out our Doodlewear limited tee collection for exclusive shirts! Only fifty of each of these will ever be made, so when you get one, you’ll be getting something truly unique.

Or, if you’d like to look at more options, we also have plenty of other kinds of clothing that are printed with beautiful artwork made by our talented team. Our store has lots of lovely clothing, tote bags, tea towels and more.

If you would like to talk to our team about our products, you can email to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Fill your life with gorgeous, one-of-a-kind art with limited edition tees from Doodlewear.

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