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Printed Tee Shirts - Why You Should Get Your Own Beautiful Printed Tee Shirts

dooodlewear-Mark Duggan-Negative Bee Tee 2

doodlewear 'Negative Bee, Wings' (2020) art print t shirt by Contemporary Artist Mark Duggan

You can go to any popular spot in New Zealand today and you’ll undoubtedly spot quite a few people wearing gorgeous graphic tee shirts. There are so many reasons why these iconic shirts are so popular currently, have been popular for decades and will certainly continue to be prevalent in the clothing industry for many years to come.

In fact, you most likely have a few comfy tees in your closet right now, so you already know how convenient they can be.

But why settle for a tee that’s boring and plain? Instead, look for a company like Doodlewear to provide you with exceptionally unique printed shirts that look and feel amazing.

I Am Enough tee ADELIEN'S ART
Doodlewear - 'I Am Enough' (June 2022) art print t shirt by Auckland based Mixed Media Artist Adelien de Wet

The Amazing Advantages Of Wearing Graphic Tee Shirts

Some people might think of tees as simple pieces of clothing that aren’t that special. While they are comparatively straightforward when put next to more complicated clothing like dresses or jackets, that doesn’t mean they’re boring or plain at all - especially when you select graphic tees that are printed with awe-inspiring art.

Pocket WetaDoodlewear - 'Pocket Weta' art print t shirt by Nelson based Printmaker and Illustrator Esther Remnant.

Printed tees are the perfect choice for people who enjoy the homey comfortableness of a tee but love showing off their creative spirit.

These shirts are so special because they:

Are So Comfortable! They’re not too tight, they’re not scratchy and they let you move freely - they’re high-quality tee shirts! A tee is the perfect article of clothing to toss on whether you’re chilling at home or heading out to hang out with friends.

Be sure you only purchase high-quality shirts made of good, comfy materials. Quality shirts are more likely to feel softer and last much longer than cheaply-made shirts.

NZ BotanicalsDoodlewear - 'NZ Botanicals' art print t shirt by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh Creates.

Are Perfect For Anyone Of Any Age Or Gender. Iconic tees are something that transcends age or gender. Anyone can enjoy them, from the oldest member of your family to young toddlers who are just learning to walk.

All you must do is find a shirt that fits your body type and you’re good to go.

Are Great For Nearly Any Casual Occasion. These shirts can be worn nearly anywhere and for any purpose. They’re a very easy choice for people who don’t want to put an intense amount of effort into their outfits but who still want to look casually stylish.

Plus, you can pair them with countless other types of clothing to create interesting outfits. One tee could be used in hundreds of different looks! They can easily be layered with other clothes.

Tui's Lace teeDoodlewear - ‘Tui’s Lace’ art print bird tee by Contemporary New Zealand Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin.

Are Extremely Versatile And Come In So Many Different Looks. One reason why tee shirts remain extremely prevalent in the streetwear world is because you can find a shirt in any colour with any kind of art on it. You can find shirts with naturally gorgeous animals, abstract art, inspiring scenery or even cute illustrations on them. No matter what vibe you’re going for, you can find a shirt that matches it perfectly.

You can bring out the full potential of your favourite tees by matching them with the right clothing and accessories. Are you into streetwear? Then you need some good tees in your wardrobe!

Are Extraordinary Gifts. All of the above-mentioned benefits - and the countless ones we haven’t mentioned - mean that tee shirts are a great gift for any occasion. You can find a good shirt for any of your loved ones printed with something they love. On top of being beautiful, a printed graphic shirt is also a very practical present because your loved one can use it.

Kool Sneakers, Kea! tee - art for a causeDoodlewear - 'Kool Sneakers, Kea! art print t shirt by New Zealand Digital Artist Melina van Wyk.

What To Think About As You Purchase Your Unique Shirts

How to choose the right shirt for you or the person you’re buying a gift for? Don’t forget about:

  • Colour. What kind of colours are you looking for? You can surely find a lovely shirt in your favourite colour.
  • Art. What kind of art do you like? You can find tee shirts with all sorts of beautiful NZ art printed on them. If you like the art style of any of our Doodlewear artists, you can even shop by artist to find more art with their particular style.
  • Size. Please be sure that you measure and know what size you need! Shirts that are too big or too small may feel awkward. You must always look and follow the seller’s sizing guide before you purchase for the perfect fit.

Creatures Of The High SeasDoodlewear - 'Creatures Of The High Seas' art print t shirt by New Zealand Artist Matt Coates.

Where You Can Get Beautiful New Zealand Tees Right Now!

Visit Doodlewear’s online store to find marvellous printed shirts that are comfortable, high-quality and printed with unique art created by NZ artists. We love to provide our customers with charming shirts printed with art that’s sure to delight you and your loved ones.

If you’re interested in getting something exclusive for yourself, we welcome you to browse through our limited-edition tees. These tee shirts are limited, so get them while you can join the exclusive club of only a handful of people who have these shirts!

Our store also has wonderful cushion covers, other types of clothing, totes, tea towels and more! Email us at if you’d like to get in touch.

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