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Reusable Washable Art Print Tote Bags - Beautiful Bags For Any Occasion

Kiwi's Lace artwork tote bag - art for a cause ANNA MOLLEKIN

doodlewear 'Kiwi's Lace' (April 2020 - original pen drawing August 2018) art print premium 100% cotton canvas kiwi bag tote by Contemporary New Zealand artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin.

As people become more conscious about their effect on the world, sustainable tote bags have become far more popular - and for many incredible reasons! These stunning bags are perfect for everyday life, whether you’re heading out for a fun day with friends or taking care of some errands.

A good tote bag can be used and enjoyed for years, and they can offer you plenty of excellent benefits as you use them. This article will cover a few of the most notable perks that tote bags can offer you, so keep reading to learn more.

Fresh From The Garden artwork tote bagDoodlewear - 'Fresh From The Garden' art print premium 100% cotton canvas tote bags by Cara Rose Art

Looking For High-Quality Totes? These Bags May Be Perfect For You

When you buy a tote bag, it is vital that you get a good one. You should buy a bag that’s made of suitable materials and is designed to be durable. Plus, you can also get one with charming art printed on it that you love.

Here at Doodlewear, we are proud to offer stunning tote bags in many different colours with all kinds of art on them. If you’re looking for totes to make your life easier, our shop is the place to go.

Some fantastic benefits that you can enjoy when you buy our bags are:

They’re Printed With Beautiful Art. If you’re going to buy a tote bag that you’ll use for years, why get a boring plain one? When you buy from us, you can choose from an impressively large selection of breathtaking art. You will surely find art that you adore in our collection, no matter what your style is.

We have prints that can help you show off your New Zealand pride, like our bags printed with native birds and plants. Or, you can choose from our selection of beautiful designs and illustrations. You can show off your sense and style when you go about your day with a gorgeously printed tote.

They’re Designed To Last. Our bags aren’t just lovely to look at, either - they’re also designed to last for many years. These totes have reinforced shoulder straps to ensure they do their job correctly, and their durable nature makes them perfect for nearly any situation. You can use them while you grocery shop, take your stuff to the beach or even use them as a lovely gift bag.

Sunny Ruru artwork tote bagDoodlewear - 'Sunny Ruru' art print premium 100% cotton canvas tote bags by EC Erasmus

They’re Made Of Good Materials. Another great part of buying our totes is that they’re made of good materials. Each bag is made from premium 100% cotton canvas, so they feel amazing.

AS Colour, the company who makes the tote bags, is committed to improving cotton farming practices all over the world with the Better Cotton Initiative. This initiative’s goal is to make global cotton farming practices better for the people who do it and better for the environment.

By supporting this movement, you are supporting a world where cotton farming is more sustainable and has less of an impact on the earth.

They’re Better For The Environment. Along with being made of suitable components, tote bags generally are better for the environment. One of the biggest reasons why people choose to use tote bags is because they reduce the waste we produce every day. [External Link - Reasons to buy sustainably] Imagine if you went out for a fun day of shopping and you used single-use plastic bags for everything you bought. You would quickly find yourself with way too much wasteful plastic, which could easily find itself on the ground or even in the ocean.

However, when you bring your own bag and use your tote, you eliminate the need to use that harmful plastic. So every person who smartly uses a tote is helping the world become a cleaner place.

Crowned Dahlia artwork tote bag ANNA MOLLEKIN
Doodlewear - 'Crowned Dahlia' art print premium 100% cotton canvas tote bags by Anna Mollekin

They Make For Wonderful Gifts. Are you trying to figure out what kinds of gifts to give to your loved ones? If so, why not give them the gift of a sustainable and beautiful tote bag? As you can tell from the above-listed benefits, these incredible bags are fantastic for anyone who enjoys quality products and wants to be smart with their choices.

Additionally, you can select a bag with art that you know they’ll adore and make the gift even more special. These totes make for incredible gifts because they’re beautiful, sustainable and very practical.

Where You Can Go For Beautiful And Sustainable Tote Bags, Tea Towels, Clothing And More In New Zealand

At Doodlewear, we are thrilled to provide our customers with a wide variety of beautiful products. We don’t only sell wonderful tote bags, we also carry clothing, tea towels, cushion covers and more - and all of our products are adorned with gorgeous artwork that you will surely love.

Faye Royalty artwork tote bag

Doodlewear - 'Faye Royalty' art print premium 100% cotton canvas tote bags by Adelien's Art

Our wide selection of art and products means that you will certainly be able to find a style you enjoy. If you notice that you particularly love the style of one of our artists, you can even sort our products by the artist.

For more information about our products, our processes and why you should consider buying our incredible tote bags, you can reach our friendly team by emailing us at

Give yourself or a friend the gift of a beautiful, sustainable and practical gift with tote bags from Doodlewear!

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