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Spice Up Your Sweatshirt Fashion With These New Ways To Wear Them

sweatshirtDoodlewear - Huia in Charcoal art print sweatshirt by New Zealand artist John Jepson.

Sweatshirts are incredibly versatile pieces of clothing that can fit nearly any style you want. They are pleasantly cosy, extremely easy to wear and come in heaps of different colours and looks. Yes, some fashionable jumpers are an excellent addition to any wardrobe, especially if you are interested in effortlessly looking stylish, even if you don't have a lot of time to dress up.

However, even if you already have and wear some cool pullovers, you may be wondering how to wear them stylishly. Of course, you could simply put one on and enjoy its look, but finding new ways to spice up your outfits is always fun and rewarding. After all, some of the most attractive outfits out there are ones that are creatively coordinated and put together.

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So, what are some cool new ways to wear jumpers?

What Are Some Fashionable New Ways I Can Wear A Sweatshirt?

Pocket Girl crewDoodlewear - Pocket Girl sweatshirt by NZ Artist Clouds of Colour

Of course, if your wardrobe doesn't have any nice pullovers yet, the first step is to buy some terrific new clothing. When you're shopping for some, you should consider several different factors like the quality of the clothing, the colour and any designs printed on the material.

Once you have a new jumper that you love, you can start to experiment with what style looks best on you. If you get creative, you can incorporate your favourite fashionable pullover into many different new outfits.

When putting together your newest stylish look, you can wear your best sweatshirt in the following ways:

Layered Over Other Clothing. If you like wearing outfits with multiple layers, you can easily pair your favourite jumper with a nice shirt underneath. Although the shirt may not show a lot while under a pullover, it can make the outfit more comfortable, warmer and give your look a nice accent colour if your shirt is longer than your jumper.


Under A Jacket. For a layered look that involves a piece of clothing worn over your jumper, you can pair your best jumper with an open jacket. An stylish denim jacket with a colourful pullover underneath makes for an outfit that's easy to pull off. Plus, if the weather is cold outside, this is an easy way to stay warm while staying fashionable.

If you love to coordinate your outfit's colours, this can also be a fantastic choice for you because both sweatshirts and jackets come in every colour there is. So, you can easily choose two colours that go well with each other and then choose accessories to match.

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Doodlewear - 'NZ Native Flora' art print sweatshirt and Manuka Honey hoodie by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh Creates

As Casual StreetWear. Fashionable streetwear has become an art form that basically anyone can participate in. Jumpers are an excellent choice for people who want to look good but also keep that 'just threw this on' feeling. Finding a jumper in your favourite colour or with a graphic that you love is easy, and making a casual outfit with a jumper is even easier.

For a casual look, you can simply pair your pullover with some fashionable jeans and cool shoes. This outfit choice is effortless yet stylish, a great look for when you're heading out to hang out with your friends.

Fat Fuzzy Piwakawaka crewDoodlewear - 'Fat Fuzzy Piwakawaka' art print sweatshirt by Christchurch based Mixed Media Artist Sallyart.

Worn With Accessories. One of the very best ways you can spice up an ensemble is to wear additional accessories and apparel, like jewellery or extra clothing like a hat. If you enjoy wearing things like necklaces or pendants, you can wear one over your sweatshirt so that it stands out while complementing your outfit's colours.

Or, if wearing jewellery isn't your thing, other pieces of clothing like hats or scarves can make a fantastic addition to your outfit. If you make sure to choose clothes with colours and patterns that compliment your jumper, you can truly put together an attractive look.

Arohanoa Artistry Logo crewDoodlewear - Arohanoa Artistry Logo crew by Maori artist Arohanoa Mathews of Arohanoa Artistry.

As Athletic Wear. It's become more common to wear athletic wear casually, even if you're just out getting some chores done. By wearing your jumper with jogging shorts or tights and gym shoes, you can achieve that 'just got done with a light run' feeling.

Where Can I Find Comfortable, Attractive and Fashionable Clothing In New Zealand?

Are you looking for some new stylish sweatshirts to complete some great new outfits? At doodlewear, we are happy to offer you jumpers, and other kinds of clothing, that are stylish and perfect for everyday wear. Our clothing comes in many different colours and is adorned with all sorts of graphics and art by amazing New Zealand based artists, so you will surely be able to find apparel that fits your style flawlessly.

Mila crewDoodlewear - Mila art print sweatshirt by Wellington based artist Bianca Laing

Our apparel is perfect for men, women, teens and children as well, so your whole family can enjoy comfortable new clothes. If you're looking for some unique gifts for people who are interested in looking cute or cool, this is the place for you.

Stay stylish, cosy and fashionable with excellent art sweatshirts from our store at doodlewear!

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