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Stay Cosy And Stylish With Long Sleeve Tees

doodlwear Waddle of Penguins long sleeve t shirt Lesh CreatesDoodlewear - 'Waddle of Penguins' limited edition art print long sleeve t shirt by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh Creates.

Most of us have a few short sleeve tees in our wardrobes, but what about long sleeve tees? These shirts might be a little less common than the ever-so-popular short sleeve tees, but they still offer all the same benefits - and a few additional benefits! - and everyone should have some.

You’re probably thinking, ‘why choose long sleeve tees when I already have short sleeve tees?’ Short sleeve tees are also a very good choice, but you should know about the awesome advantages of long sleeves.

Read on to learn why long sleeves are perfect for nearly any occasion.

doodlewear Sunny Ruru long sleeve tee EC EramusDoodlewear - 'Sunny Ruru' art print Long sleeve t shirt by NZ Contemporary Artist Essie Erasmus.

Why Choose Creative Long Sleeve Tees?

Long sleeve tees, especially tees with creative art printed on them, can become one of your staple pieces of clothing. This is because they bring you the following benefits:

doodlewear Anna Mollekin Courageous Protea Longsleeve TeeDoodlewear - 'Courageous Protea' limited edition art print long sleeve tee shirts by Contemporary New Zealand Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin.

They’re Great For Any Season. Tee shirts always look awesome, but long sleeves can provide the extra warmth and protection you need during the colder months. They’re always in fashion, and they’re always a good choice.

If it’s a bit warm out, you can still wear your favourite long sleeve and protect your skin. If it’s chilly out, you can enjoy the warm fabric against yourself. If it’s even colder, then you can layer more clothing over your long sleeve while still enjoying the soft fabric of the sleeves.

The long sleeves can also protect you from the cold wind or any small pieces of debris that the wind carries.

doodlewear 'Bambi's Buddies' art print long sleeve t shirt by NZ Contemporary Realism Artist Trish Harding.

You Can Even Wear Them When It’s Hotter. Some people might think that long sleeves are only for when it’s chilly, not when it’s hot. But this is incorrect because long sleeves are a perfectly viable option even when it’s sunny.
This is because long sleeves can protect your skin from harmful UV rays that are in sunlight. If you care about protecting your skin, you’ll surely love how easy it is to protect yourself when you wear your favourite long sleeve shirt.


Holiday Cloudscape long sleeve tee CARA ROSE ART doodlewearDoodlewear - 'Holiday Cloudscape' art print long sleeve t shirt by NZ based Contemporary Artist Cara Rose Art.

They’re Available In So Many Looks. Just like standard short sleeve tees, a fantastic advantage of long sleeve tees is that you have countless looks to choose from. Are you looking for a certain colour or type of art? You will undoubtedly find something that you adore!

At Doodlewear, we’re thrilled to offer the world our exceptional designs. Our selection of long sleeves is printed with all types of art created by our very talented team of New Zealand artists. You can find everything from inspiring, beautiful art to fun, creative art that makes you smile in our collection.

This versatility means that you can also get several tees that all have very different looks rather than settling for shirts that are just different colours. Pick different looks for different outfits, moods and occasions.

doodlewear Hitting The Slopes long sleeve t shirt trish hardingDoodlewear - 'Hitting The Slopes' limited edition art print long sleeve t shirt by NZ Contemporary Realism Artist Trish Harding.

They’re Very Comfortable. Of course, you want your shirts to be comfortable, especially if they’re the bottom layer of your outfit. High-quality long sleeve tees are made with lovely, soft 100% combed cotton that make them a joy to wear. They have long sleeves, so you can enjoy the comforting fabric along your arms as well as your body.

This benefit is especially noticeable when it’s cold and you want to layer your clothing. Even if your top layers are built to be warm and not soft, your long sleeve will still be there to give you a cosy embrace.

doodlewear Native Flowers long sleeve tee CLOUDS OF COLOUR copyDoodlewear - 'Native Flowers' art print long sleeve t shirt by NZ Artist Clouds of Colour.

They’re Easy To Pair With Other Clothes. Like short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees can go with nearly anything. You could throw a jacket on top, pair it with your favourite bottoms, find accessories that match the artwork on your shirt and more. People who are into streetwear will surely appreciate a lovely long sleeve tee to build their outfit around.

Pull Me Under long sleeve tee DICKIE ARTISTDoodlewear - 'Pull Me Under' art print long sleeve t shirt features an art print of a black ink pen drawing of an octopus by NZ Contemporary Artist Dickie Artist.

They Make Wonderful Gifts. Aside from being advantageous to you, they’re also great for those you love. After all, who doesn’t love a practical gift that they can use all the time? Our creative clothing is a fantastic choice for gifts for any occasion.

Because we have so many art options, and by discreetly obtaining their measurements from their favourite top and following our simple size guide, you’ll have no problem choosing a shirt that you know will make your loved one smile. Find a shirt with art that matches one of their interests for a really meaningful surprise!

We have clothing designed for men, women and children and in various sizes, so you can even get matching clothing for the whole family.

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doodlewear Kea & Ruru Totally NZ Winter long sleeve t shirt EbozzastudioDoodlewear - 'Kea & Ruru Totally NZ Winter' (May 2022) limited edition art print long sleeve t shirt by Auckland Mixed Media and Digital Artist Elaine Bozza.

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