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Stunning Tea Towels - Perfect For Gifts, Decor And More

Anna Mollekin Tea Towels
Doodlewear - Tea towel by New Zealand Contemporary Artist Anna Mollekin.

Tea towels are useful items that you’ll find in practically every New Zealand home, but have you ever thought about using them for something other than drying dishes? In fact, there are many innovative ways you can use your decorative tea towels that can add a touch of creative whimsy to your life.

These uses become even more charming when you use towels that are printed with lovely designs. Even something as simple as a tasty loaf of bread wrapped in a cute tea towel can brighten someone’s day, so why not learn a few new ways to use your favourite towels?

In this article, we will give you a few inventive ways to use beautiful tea towels, so keep reading to learn more!

Various Creative And Delightful Ways You Can Use Decorative Tea Towels

Tea towels were initially made to dry the dishes. But, people found more fun and exciting ways to use these everyday items as time went on. Nowadays, these excellent towels can be used all around the house for many different purposes.

Fresh From The Garden tea towelDoodlewear - 'Fresh From The Garden' art print tea towel by NZ based Contemporary Artist Cara Rose Art.

You’ll find them especially useful when you choose beautiful tea towels, like the lovely ones we have at doodlewear. We carry a fine selection of charming towels that are printed with beautiful artwork made by talented artists. Here, you can get towels printed with local birds, floral designs, gorgeous scenery and more!

A few wonderful ways you can use your new decorative tea towels are:

Save Or Give As A Memento. You might not think of towels as something to give as a thoughtful present, but you’ll change your mind when you see the kinds of memorable towels you can get. These decorative towels can quickly become wonderful things to collect and keep for yourself or gift to someone you love.

This becomes especially true if you choose towels printed with certain kinds of designs. For example, if you want to get your loved one a souvenir from New Zealand, you can get them a tea towel with a gorgeous local NZ bird printed on it. Then, every time they see it, they’ll think of you and New Zealand.


Sea of Flowers tea towel
Doodlewear - 'Sea Of Flowers' art print tea towel by Kirsty McMahon.


Use As A Placemat. These towels can be easily folded into delightful placemats that you can put your plates or utensils on. Not only is this use creative and aesthetically pleasing, but you can also make it personalised. If you have tea towels printed with different designs, you can match the designs to the person who will use the placemat.

For example, are you planning on having lunch with someone who loves flowers? Then you can use a towel printed with marvellous flowers as their placemat.

Wrap Your Baked Goods. Do you love baking? If so, your tea towels are perfect for wrapping your baked goods with. They’ll keep your fresh-baked bread warm and looking great. In addition to this, if you plan on making baked goods for a friend as a gift, you can choose a tea towel that you know they’ll love and use it as eco-friendly wrapping.

This way, they can enjoy the delicious taste of your bread and have a fine new towel to use.

doodlewear Mark Duggan Ya Big Egg tea towelDoodlewear - 'Ya Big Egg' art print tea towel by Contemporary Artist Mark Duggan.

Hang Up Or Display As Decorations. Have you ever bought a printed item to use, only to find that you loved how it looked so much that you couldn’t bear to get it dirty? Whether it’s a towel, a plate or some delicate teacups, some things are just too pretty to be used.

doodlewear Penny Royal NZ Native Butterflies tea towelDoodlewear - 'NZ Native Butterflies' art print tea towel by New Zealand Artist Penny Royal Design.

When this happens, these items make for wonderful decorations to spruce up your home. Luckily, tea towels are also incredibly easy to decorate with because you don’t have to worry about them falling and shattering.

If you get some decorative tea towels that you especially love, you can hang them up to add some beautiful colour and art to any room you like. Or, you can even use them as placemats for other decorations that you like. No matter what you do with them, a well-placed printed tea towel can provide a room with a bit of charm that makes you feel that much more at home.

Use As Sustainable Gift Wrapping. You can make your gifts even more special by wrapping them in beautiful decorative tea towels. Regular gift wrapping paper creates quite a bit of waste and doesn’t really have a use once it’s removed from the item it was wrapping, but when you use a delightful tea towel, it’s like giving your loved one two gifts in one.

cookies and hot chocolate video

doodlewear Little Wildflower tea-towel-sea-of-flowers-tea-towel wine bottle

You can use a tea towel to wrap around a bottle of wine, book, trinket, jewellery or anything you’d like. You can even use a towel or two to line a gift basket to make it even more enjoyable. As an example, you can see how to nicely wrap a wine bottle with a tea towel in this video we have provided.

You can make this special addition more memorable by choosing a tea towel with art that you know your gift’s recipient will adore. Using this eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to gift wrapping is an incredible way to reduce waste and put a genuine smile on your loved one’s face.

Where You Can Get Your Own Stunning Tea Towels For Yourself Or To Give To Loved Ones

For useful products printed with captivating artwork, you should come see our wonderful store at doodlewear. Along with our stunning tea towels, we are also thrilled to provide valued customers like you with cushion covers and totes printed with original artwork.

doodlewear Anna Mollekin Crowned-Dahlia-Tea-TowelDoodlewear - 'Crowned Dahlia' art print tea towel by New Zealand Contemporary Artist Anna Mollekin.

Our collaboration team of skilled artists works hard to create the delightful art that’s printed on our clothing, towels, totes and more. When you wear or use our products, you’re wearing a bit of New Zealand pride that you can show off to the world.

If you have any questions about our products, processes or what we do, we’d love to hear from you! You can conveniently reach us at to speak to our friendly team.

Elevate your home with outstanding 100% cotton tea towels and other products from doodlewear!

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