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Why Do You Need Sweatshirts to Create a Fashion Statement?

Ornate Trio Of Snapper crew ANNA MOLLEKIN
Doodlewear - Ornate Trio Of Snapper' art print sweatshirt by Contemporary New Zealand Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin.

Sweatshirts are commonly worn by all sorts of different people all around the world. Their wonderful qualities make them perfect for nearly any casual occasion, so it’s always a good idea to have a few available for when you need a cosy and stylish top.

When you picture these pieces of clothing in your head, you might imagine plain, single-coloured jumpers that aren’t that visually interesting. But did you also know you can get creatively-printed jumpers that display unique art? These visually stunning jumpers are perfect for anyone who enjoys comfort and keeping art close wherever they go.

Keep reading to learn all about why everyone needs a few awesome jumpers in their wardrobe.

Doodlewear - 'Lamby Love' art print sweatshirt by NZ Contemporary Realism Artist Trish Harding.

Why You Should Get Creative And Stylish Sweatshirts

Your choice of clothing is more important than you might think. Your outfit provides you comfort and warmth, shows your fashion sense and displays a bit of your unique personality to the world. Often, someone can tell something about you just by looking at what you’re wearing.

So, wearing these excellent jumpers is the perfect option if you want to tell everyone around you that you’re a well-coordinated person who cares about your presence without even saying a word.

When you purchase these clothes, you’ll enjoy all of these perks and more:

They’re Incredibly Comfortable. Sometimes, when we choose clothing that looks great, we have to sacrifice a bit of comfort in order to look good - but you won’t have this problem at all with sweatshirts. This kind of clothing looks great and feels so comfortable.

Jumpers made from high-quality materials cosily envelope you in a soft and durable embrace. They’re perfect for those cool days when you just want to focus on your happiness.

doodlewear Ruru in Charcoal art print sweatshirt John JepsonDoodlewear - 'Ruru in Charcoal' art print sweatshirt by New Zealand artist John Jepson.

They Can Show Off Your Personality. Jumpers printed with unique art are an easy way to display your interests wherever you go. At doodlewear, we sell a variety of cosy clothing printed with amazing art created by our team of talented collaboration artists. Our line of sweatshirts displays everything from native New Zealand birds to cute illustrations that show off your fun side.

We have a large selection of high-quality art, so you will surely find something you adore!

doodlewear I Am Fearless Adelien de Wet.Doodlewear - 'I Am Fearless' art print sweatshirt by Auckland based Mixed Media Artist Adelien de Wet.

They’re A Simple Yet Effective Option For Daily Wear. While we all have those days where we want to dress up and look incredible, there are always those moments when we want to throw on something comfortable and be happy. When that time comes, a beautiful jumper is the way to go. These tops can be worn comfortably outdoors while you take care of errands or at home when you’re lounging about and enjoying your downtime.

Just like T-shirts, jumpers are a simple outfit choice that looks stylish on its own. Although, that doesn’t mean that you cannot incorporate them into more intricate outfits. Jumpers and hoodies can easily be matched with other pieces of clothing and worn in particular styles to make them look even more fashionable. For example, you could wear your favourite sweatshirt under a jacket when the weather is colder or layer it with thinner clothing underneath.

doodlewear Kaimoana art print sweatshirt by Lesh CreatesDoodlewear - 'Kaimoana' art print sweatshirt by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh Creates.

They’re Unisex. Jumpers are entirely unisex and can be enjoyed by anyone of any gender. So, they can easily be used in a variety of looks and outfits, no matter what your body type is. This makes them a great option for basically anyone looking for fun new clothes. As long as you’re comfortable and enjoy the art printed on your clothes, you’re free to wear your new jumper whenever you want.

doodlewear Fantails Lace art print sweatshirt Anna MollekinDoodlewear - 'Fantail's Lace' art print sweatshirt by Auckland-based New Zealand Contemporary Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin.

They Also Make For Wonderful Gifts. When you compile all of the above-listed benefits and any others that you can think of, you can see why a great sweatshirt makes for a lovely gift. Everyone wants to be comfortable, so why not give your loved ones the gift of wearable art?

You could make your gift even more unique by choosing a jumper with art you know your loved one will adore.

Visit Our Store To Find Beautiful Printed Clothing That’ll Really Spruce Up Your Look

Are you ready to enhance your wardrobe with gorgeous, high-quality clothing? At doodlewear, our store is packed full of cosy and fun clothes that are fit for everyone.

In addition to our clothing, we are also proud to offer heaps of other useful items like totes, tea towels, cushion covers and more. All of our wonderful products are made with care and high-quality materials, so you know you’re getting something good when you shop from us.

doodlewear Huhu Bug Mandala art print sweatshirt Esther RemnantDoodlewear - 'Huhu Bug Mandala' art print sweatshirt by Nelson based Printmaker and Illustrator Esther Remnant.

For more interesting information about what we do and how we do it, you can contact our friendly team at info@doodlewear.co.nz. We always want to provide the best service possible, so we’d be glad to speak with you!

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