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Flower Power Frida artwork tote bag

Adelien's Art and Anna Mollekin

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doodlewear 'Flower Power Frida' (August 2023) art print 100% cotton Frida Kahlo tote bag which is a special collaboration between two of our talented doodlewear contributing artists, Adelien de Wet of Adelien's Art and Anna Mollekin. These high-quality tote bags features stunning Frida Kahlo art print. Adelien skillfully used acrylic inks, coloured pencils, alcohol markers, and paint to depict the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Anna's digital expertise then flourished, bringing to life vibrant hibiscus, dahlias, and protea flowers, which symbolise strength. The artists have digitally signed this artwork. 

Bound by a mutual passion for Frida, both artists discovered inspiration in her unwavering spirit. May Frida's strength and authenticity grace your space, serving as a homage to her artistic legacy.

"Frida is my artistic muse. Whenever I have a creative block, painting her gets me in the flow again without fail. She also represents strength and authenticity." ~ Adelien Art

"To me, Frida Kahlo is truly iconic. I'm drawn to her not only because of her fantastic artwork but for her strength and strong individuality." ~ Anna Mollekin.

  • Artwork Frida Kahlo tote bag size: 42 x 42cm. Gusset width: 9.5cm

  • These tote bags are made from premium 100% cotton canvas, Heavy weight 320 GSM with a durable, plain weave. Our high-quality designer tote bags have one large main compartment as well as reinforced shoulder straps. These cool tote bags are manufactured internationally by the well-known New Zealand brand AS Colour.

  • Each high-quality Frida Kahlo tote bag is lovingly printed in New Zealand on demand just for you. The art print appears just on the front of the tote bag.

  • Reusable and washable Frida Kahlo tote bags.

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