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Bec Brown and John Jepson Collaboration

Tasman artist collaboration brilliantly depicted New Zealand's shared 2020 lockdown bird experiences.

John Jepson of Kanuka Glen Art and Bec Brown of Clouds of Colour used their creative talents to create a one-of-a-kind reflection and appreciation of native flora and fauna inspired by shared native bird tales from the 2020 NZ shutdown. Bec Brown, who owns the popular Golden Bay art business Clouds Of Colour, was the inspiration for this lovely collaboration.⁣

During the 2020 lockdown, John Jepson and Bec Brown collaborated to create a new style of art. When the two contrasting styles are combined, they produce a unique style that looks to be a perfect match.

"It's art for all Kiwis. It's an art to pinpoint a moment in time when we all had to stop and make the most of our immediate surroundings" John explains.⁣

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