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Lesh Create and m_illustrate Collaboration

We are excited to showcase a special collaboration between two of our talented doodlewear contributing artists, Lesh Creates and m_illustrate. Together, they have created a unique blend of acrylic paint and Indian ink with digital illustration that brings a whimsical and unexpected touch to their art. Melina van Wyk, the creative mind behind m_illustrate, is a skilled digital artist based in Nelson, New Zealand. Meanwhile, Lesh McNicholl of Lesh Creates is an accomplished illustrative artist based in Wellington, New Zealand, who draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and uses acrylic and Indian ink to create her stunning illustrations. This collaboration is a testament to the individual talents of Lesh McNicholl of Lesh Creates and Melina van Wyk of m_illustrate, brought together in perfect harmony to create a unique and exceptional piece of art. We are thrilled to present it to you.

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