become a contributing artist.

Are you a NZ artist? We'd love you to join us!

We are constantly looking for local artists to join us as contributors! Only a few pairs of eyes can enjoy an art print on the wall, but on a tee? The potential is huge. We see so many talented NZ artists' work that would look amazing on a tee. doodlewear is a collective space where people searching for creative tees can find NZ artist prints in a wearable form, all in one place.

High quality garment printing.

Supporting local artists and print production, all artists in the doodlewear space are NZ creatives, and all our garment printing is done here in Auckland. You can be sure your art print will be of a high standard. We print each garment individually to order, with care, on high quality tees from trusted NZ brand 'AS Colour' who sources these garments internationally.

All our garments are digitally printed, so your shirt still feels like a shirt, without any of that nasty cracking (that's associated with other types of prints). We use the latest Epson digital garment printer, which has the finest printhead nozzles (compared to other garment printers out there), this means we can achieve smooth gradients, complex colours and fine detail – perfect for art.

We use Oeko-Tex certified eco friendly inks so our prints not only have great colour and good wash/UV durability, but are safe for adults, children and infants.

Artist benefits:


You choose the mark up! Have control over how much you earn per sale.


We'll handle the site upkeep, product uploads, transactions, printing production, packing, postage and customer service.

With no inventory to maintain, all you need to do is provide the art and decide your earnings!


No set up fee for first time contributing artists.


With us, you know where we're sourcing the garments, type of ink used, and that the quality of the print will do your art justice. Each printed garment is also quality checked by one of our team before sending out.


doodlewear is NZ artist only, so your art won't be competing for attention against all the artists in the world (unlike some of the bigger sites). 

While doodlewear is designed and produced in NZ, that doesn’t mean our customers won’t be from all over the world, as we ship worldwide. 

They will be confident knowing they are buying a New Zealand designed and printed, quality and art print garment. Majority of shoppers will also be leaning more towards NZ art interests.


It’s important to us that our customers are aware of the artist behind the art they’ve purchased. Your name will be listed on our website and you will be tagged in all our Social Media posts related to your art.


Get access to 'Doodlewear NZ Artist Collab' Facebook Group. This is a positive group exclusively for Doodlewear NZ Collaboration Artists to share skills, support, ask questions, provide feedback and make awesome connections within our Doodlewear community. This is also a place where you can hear news about Doodlewear, tips/tricks and upcoming marketing campaigns.


Going to a market? Want to sell your tees in person? Order at base price only!


Pay the equivalent of TWO coffees a month* only!

The bonus of working as a collective – we keep this fee as low as possible, running on a ‘crowdfund’ kind of concept, where the small subscription fee of each artist will contribute towards covering expenses such as running this website, marketing and advertising, website development etc. to bring all artists in this collab more potential shoppers and opportunities.

  • Annual payment: $130NZD (inc gst)/year (*annually: $2.50 (inc gst)/week)
  • Or monthly payments: $17.30NZD (inc gst)/month) ($4 (inc gst)/week)

Simple pricing system.

Base price (inc gst) + Your chosen margin (inc gst) = Retail price (inc gst).

[Base price: Covers our service and the operational costs involved in producing each garment. Your margin: You control how much margin you earn per sale. Whether it's 15%, 50% or 120%, you get to decide what you sell your art for. Retail price: This is the final price your customers see.]

Lastly, your art always belongs to you.

Your work always belongs to you. No matter how many garments you upload and sell via doodlewear, you retain ownership and control of your work. View our user agreement here.

Read all that, and interested in becoming a contributing artist? Yay!

If you want to get your art on doodlewear, just email us with some examples or even better a link where we can view more. Whether you are an up and coming or established artist and would like to make some extra cash on the side, we are keen to hear from you. 

Drop us an email us via our contact page or direct to if you need to link example files. No gigantic files please!  

doodlewear space is PG, and cater to the comfort of the majority, so please don't be offended if we feel your art doesn't suit this space. We personally reply to every submission, so don't panic if you don't hear from us instantly. View our contributing artist guidelines here. Artists must be 16+ years of age.