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They Hoiho. This mean “noise shouter” (obv named by some1 who was finding it real hard to sleep one time). Little known fact is that they the ghostwriters for Disturbed. They actually p quiet until August when they pretend to be all rowdy and extraverted to catch another sexy yellow eye. But after that, they introvert out on the nest, raising their chicks a safe distance from unsolicited parenting advice and watching reruns of Baywatch for way longer than Inland Revenue deems acceptable. Their chosen mode of flirt is the serenade but coz they penguins they all tryna seduce each other with the vocal equivalent of a kazoo. Unrelated to this they r real rare. So u should throw money at conservation organisations or buy their albumz.

$10 from every purchase goes to NZ Forest and Bird who do wonderful work to support the conservation of our living taonga.

All tee options:
• 100% cotton 

• Preshrunk to minimise shrinkage

Available on adult & kids sizes.

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Ladies Mali Tee
Scoop neck, capped sleeves, curved tails

Ladies Sketch Tee
Regular fit, crew neck, straight base

Ladies Sketch Tee style guide
Ladies Crop Tee
Short body, dropped shoulders
Mens Staple Tee
Regular fit, crew neck, straight base