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He Kereru. If the laws of the universe have their way, 2018 will be only the first year of his eternal reign as BOTY. He got broader shoulders than an 80s fashion icon. He more than the roundest of bois, he true spherical. Use V=(4/3)πr^3 if you want to calculate the volume of this behemoth feijoa. This thicc boi lives the good life, whooshing from tree to tree, being all completely ham sandwiched from fermented berries. Vote for Kereru as 2019 BOTY or Chloe will curse you to an eternity of running barefoot on prickle grass.

$10 from every purchase goes to NZ Forest and Bird who do wonderful work to support the conservation of our living taonga.

All tee options:
• 100% cotton 

• Preshrunk to minimise shrinkage

Available on adult & kids sizes.

 Size guide  

Ladies Mali Tee
Scoop neck, capped sleeves, curved tails

Ladies Sketch Tee
Regular fit, crew neck, straight base

Ladies Sketch Tee style guide
Ladies Crop Tee
Short body, dropped shoulders
Mens Staple Tee
Regular fit, crew neck, straight base