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She Korora. She fundamentally an inverted Pāua shell that done dedicated itself to a life of chonkkk. She quite small. It take four of these water resistant waddle kittens stacked up like Jenga in order to headbutt an Emperor Penguin with an attitude problem. She also called the fairy penguin. In the high country it believed that she appear and grant wishes to those with the pureness of heart required to vomit rotten fish down the front of a harakeke plant. Vote Korora or you about to get a nice wet flipper to the nose.

$10 from every purchase goes to NZ Forest and Bird who do wonderful work to support the conservation of our living taonga.

All tee options:
• 100% cotton 

• Preshrunk to minimise shrinkage

Available on adult & kids sizes.

 Size guide  

Ladies Mali Tee
Scoop neck, capped sleeves, curved tails

Ladies Sketch Tee
Regular fit, crew neck, straight base

Ladies Sketch Tee style guide
Ladies Crop Tee
Short body, dropped shoulders
Mens Staple Tee
Regular fit, crew neck, straight base