Orange Bee, Wings tee

Orange Bee, Wings tee

Mark Duggan

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doodlewear 'Orange Bee, Wings' (2020) art print t shirt by Contemporary Artist Mark Duggan. A high quality tee features an art print of a bumblebee. This is a contemporary, detailed study, looking to capture the subject matter in accurate detail that was hand-drawn in Pen/Ink. The artist has digitally signed this artwork.

"These ‘fuzzy fliers’ are quite different to other bees. Here I was drawing focus to their delicate and beautifully engineered wings. A bumblebee flaps its wings 200 times per second. That’s a similar RPM to some motorcycle engines! And it’s just that hum you hear when they fly. The background circles colour choice is to show the warm bees yellow/orange colour, while not on the actual bee."

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