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5 Reasons To Wear Unique Hoodies That Show Off Your Creative Artsy Side


Tukutuku Moko hoodie AROHANOA ARTISTRY


Doodlewear - 'Tukutuku Moko' art print hoodie by Contemporary Maori Artist Arohanoa Mathews of Arohanoa Artistry.


There’s a reason why hoodies are so popular and will remain popular for many years; they’re comfortable, they’re easy to wear, they can be enjoyed by anyone of any age or gender and more! But why get a plain-coloured hoodie when you could get one that’s printed with inspiring or entertaining art?

The creatively printed hoodies we have at doodlewear come in a variety of beautiful colours and awesome looks. They’re incredibly unique and you’ll certainly stand out from the rest when you put them on.

So, what are the specific benefits of wearing one of these stylish hoodies? Read on to learn why everyone needs their own.


Happy Yellow Gerbera hoodie PENNY ROYAL DESIGN

Doodlewear - 'Happy Yellow Gerbera' art print hoodie by New Zealand Artist Penny Royal Design.



Why Hoodies Printed With Gorgeous Art Are The Best!

There are hundreds of reasons why hoodies, especially ones with nice art or patterns on them, are amazing. To narrow down that extensive list, here are five of the best reasons to buy some new one-of-a-kind hoodies:

1. They Come In Countless Different Colours And Looks. You’ll rarely have to worry about ‘will they have one I like?’ when you shop for hoodies. There’s a style, colour and look for every kind of person there is. Do you like colours? Choose one with vibrant hues and a colourful artwork on it. Are you an animal lover? Pick a hoodie with an animal you adore on it. In fact, you’d probably have a difficult time not finding a hoodie you’d wear.


 Fat Fuzzy Piwakawaka' men’s art print white marle hoodie by Christchurch based Mixed Media Artist Sallyart

Doodlewear - 'Fat Fuzzy Piwakawaka' men’s art print white marle hoodie by Christchurch based Mixed Media Artist Sallyart.


2. They’re So Comfortable And Easy To Wear. Hoodies are a streetwear favourite because they’re casually stylish, comfortable and easy to wear at the same time. With these, you don’t have to sacrifice looks for comfort.

Their cosy fit and laid-back appearance give them a relaxed vibe that people love. Plus, you can achieve this feeling with barely any effort, just toss on your favourite hoodie.  


New Zealand Native Crayfish hoodie LESH CREATES

Doodlewear - 'New Zealand Native Crayfish' men’s art print petrol blue hoodie by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh Creates.


3. They’re For Everyone! When it comes to hoodies, there aren’t really any rules. You can wear them as a layer, wear them as a top on their own, pair them with other accessories, layer something else on top and so on. Hoodies are limitless, and anyone can enjoy them.

So even if you aren’t comfortable trying out other kinds of fashion trends, you don’t need to worry about looking odd in a hoodie because their relaxed fit and casual style will fit anyone. At doodlewear, we even have a fun selection of hoodies for children.


Mt Cook Buttercup hoodie PENNY ROYAL DESIGN

Doodlewear - 'Mt Cook Buttercup' art print black hoodie by New Zealand Artist  Penny Royal Design.


4. They’re Perfect For Nearly Any Occasion. Going on a walk? Taking care of some errands? Walking your dog? Running the family back and fourth to sports? Put on a hoodie! These cosy garments can be worn nearly anywhere and for almost any casual occasion. If you want to be comfy and look good at the same time, grab your best hoodie. 


Over the Moon hoodie SALLYART

Doodlewear - 'Over The Moon' art print black hoodie by New Zealand Mixed Media Artist Sallyart


5. They Make For Awesome Gifts. These creative hoodies aren’t just perfect for you, either - they’re also excellent gifts. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a nice soft hoodie? They’re useful gifts that your loved ones can use and enjoy all the time.

Plus, your presents will be made even more special because you can select hoodies with art based on what your loved ones like. As we said, there’s something for everyone, so have some fun figuring out which look fits which loved one the best.

In order to choose the right size for the person you are purchasing for and avoid guesswork, be sure you take their measurements. You may simply take measurements from their favourite hoodie that they already have, either by doing it yourself in secret or by asking a close friend to do it on your behalf. See how to easily measure here


Sleepy Fox hoodie SARAH MCALPINE ART

Doodlewear - 'Sleepy Fox' art print hoodie by NZ Artist Sarah McAlpine Art.


How To Choose Your Awesome New Hoodie

When you shop for your new hoodies, there are basically only two majour questions that you’ll need to ask yourself:

What Colour Do You Want? First, what colour do you want your hoodie to be? The base colour of the hoodie can really make the art pop or bring out the beautiful colours in the art itself. Our clothing is available in a range of different colours, so make sure you click around and see what creative things you can order.



Unite' Men’s art print grey marle hoodie by Contemporary New Zealand Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin

Doodlewear - 'Unite' Men’s art print grey marle hoodie by Contemporary New Zealand Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin.


What Kind Of Art Do You Like? Next, think about the type of art you enjoy. Do you want a serious, inspirational piece that’ll have people looking in awe? Or do you want something cute or fun that’ll put a smile on your friends’ faces? We have plenty of each at doodlewear and a lot more.

You can even search through a specific artist’s work on our site if you like a certain art style. When you buy from us, you are supporting local creative NZ artists who work hard to bring beauty and life to their work.


Manuka Honey hoodie LESH CREATES

Doodlewear - 'Manuka Honey' kids art print Grey Marle hoodie by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh Creates.


Need A Cosy New Hoodie? Come See What We Have!

Are you ready to order your new favourite hoodie? Come on over to our online store at doodlewear. We love helping New Zealanders fill up their wardrobes with beautiful, cute and cool clothing.

Our store has hoodies, sweatshirts, tees and more. We also have beautiful homeware goods, including charming tea towels, totes and cushion covers. Visit our site to see everything that we have to offer.

Do you have any further questions or thoughts about what we can do for you? Contact our team at info@doodlewear.co.nz for more information.




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