Creative chats: Glimpse into the World of a Wellington Artist

Unleashing Nature's Palette: A Glimpse into the World of a Wellington Artist

Wellington Artist Lesh Creates Masterpieces Inspired by Nature

Have you ever stumbled upon artwork that transports you to a world of vibrant colours and natural beauty? Look no further than Lesh McNicholl of Lesh Creates, a talented Wellington artist whose illustrations capture the essence of nature with every brushstroke. From native birds to exquisite flora, Lesh's artwork celebrates the extraordinary wonders that surround us. Join us as we dive into Lesh's creative journey, exploring her process, inspirations, and the impact her art has on viewers.

Finding Inspiration in Nature's Playground

Lesh's love for nature permeates every aspect of her life. Nestled on the breathtaking Miramar Peninsula in Wellington, she draws inspiration from the coastal beaches, bush walks, and the rich birdlife that thrives in the region. Wellington, with its organic shapes and extraordinary colours, offers an endless playground for Lesh's artistic imagination.

A Creative Journey Unveiled

Lesh's artistic journey started at a young age when she discovered her passion for art and creativity. Although life took her on a different path after marrying and raising three children, her longing for a creative outlet persisted. The COVID-19 lockdown proved to be a turning point, as Lesh found solace and joy in painting. The positive response from others encouraged her to transform her passion into a full-time career, giving birth to "Lesh Creates" in June 2020.

Wellington Artist Lesh Creates wearing Waddle of Penguins

Wellington Artist Lesh McNicholl

Delving into the Artist's World

Let's delve deeper into Lesh's world as we explore her background, influences, and artistic process.

 A Creative Spirit Embracing Art

Lesh's artistic foundation is rooted in her studies of painting, photography, art design, and art history. Complemented by self-taught techniques and countless hours of practice, her skills continue to evolve and blossom. With each stroke of the brush, Lesh demonstrates her commitment to honing her craft.

A Role Model's Influence

In Lesh's artistic journey, her Aunty Glenda shines as an inspirational beacon. Renowned for her breathtakingly realistic pieces, Aunty Glenda's incredible talent has made an everlasting impression on Lesh's creativity. The presence of strong creativity within her family is a cherished gift that Lesh treasures. Aunty Glenda is known for showcasing her art at "Art at the Port" in Port Waikato, and she resides in Te Kauwhata, south of Auckland.

Wellington Artist Lesh Creates wearing NZ Botanicals tee

doodlewear 'NZ Botanicals' pale blue Maple tee by Wellington artist Lesh Creates.

Nature's Endless Charms

When asked about her sources of inspiration, Lesh's said that the natural world's organic shapes and the vibrant colours of native birds fuel her creative fire. Wellington's rich biodiversity offers Lesh a constant source of wonder and inspiration. As a Wellington Artist, her art serves as a powerful reminder of the preciousness and uniqueness of New Zealand's native flora and fauna.

Reviving the Creative Mojo

Even the most passionate artists sometimes find themselves in need of rejuvenation. When Lesh's creative well runs dry, she takes a break from painting for a few days or even a week. She immerses herself in the beauty of nature, going on coastal walks, exploring the bush, and seeking solace atop Mount Victoria. These experiences reignite her passion and breathe new life into her art. And of course, a good cup of tea in her favourite mug never fails to provide an extra boost of inspiration.

Wellington Artist Aleshia Mcnicholl Native Revived tea towel

doodlewear 'Nature Revived' Art For A Cause Predator Free Wellington quality 100% cotton tea towel. These large tea towels showcase an art print by the talented Wellington artist, Lesh Creates.

The Language of Art: Connecting with the Audience

Lesh's illustrations speak a language that resonates deeply with her audience. By keeping the backgrounds minimalistic, she directs the viewers' attention to the subjects of her paintings. Lesh's art aims to awaken people's curiosity about New Zealand's native birds and flora, inspiring them to embrace nature and explore the world around them. Through her art, she invites viewers to embark on their own journeys of discovery.

Wellington Artist Lesh Creates Manuka Honey Cushion Cover

doodlewear 'Mānuka Honey' art print 100% cotton deep blue cushion covers by Wellington artist Lesh Creates

Creating Beauty: A Peek into Lesh's Process

Every masterpiece starts with an idea. Lesh compiles a list of birds, animals, sea life, and plants, drawing inspiration from multiple sources such as photographs and her own observations. Using a combination of watercolour paper, acrylic paint, and Indian ink pen, she breathes life into her illustrations. Each piece is a harmonious blend of various elements, carefully crafted to capture the essence of each subject.

Displaying Artistic Treasures

Lesh's artwork finds its way into various spaces, spreading joy and wonder wherever it is displayed. Visitors to the Whiteroom Gallery in Island Bay, Crystal Envisions in Hokitika, and Moss & Myrtle in Motueka can immerse themselves in Lesh's creative universe. Coffee enthusiasts can also enjoy her prints at Espresso High, a cosy coffee shop in Lower Hutt. Furthermore, as a Wellington Artist, Lesh actively participates in craft markets across Wellington, sharing her art with a wider audience.

 Wellington Artist Lesh Creates at the beach

doodlewear 'NZ Native Flora' art print black women's sweatshirt and 'Manuka Honey' art print grey marle kids hoodie by Wellington artist Lesh Creates.

A Splash of Personal Touch

Amidst our conversation, we couldn't resist asking Wellington artist Lesh a few personal questions:

A Palette of Favourite Colours

Blues and greens have a special place in Lesh's heart. They evoke a sense of tranquillity and remind her of the sea, the beach, and the coastlines she cherishes. These calming colours find their way into many of her artworks, infusing them with serene energy.

The Feline Connection

If Lesh could transform into any animal, she would choose to be a cat. Just like cats, she loves basking in the sun and finding cosy spots to curl up and relax when she's not busy painting. There's something magical about soaking up the warmth and savouring life's simple pleasures.

Wellington Artist Aleshia Mcnicholl Freshwater Species tee

doodlewear 'Freshwater Species' art print white t shirt by Wellington artist Lesh Creates.

A Call to Aspiring Artists

For aspiring artists, Wellington artist Lesh offers words of encouragement and wisdom. She emphasises the importance of getting started and not waiting for the perfect moment. Practice, perseverance, and sharing your creations with the world are essential steps on the artistic journey. Lesh advises aspiring artists to invite friends and family to experience their work and build an online following. By connecting with like-minded individuals and finding those who appreciate their unique style and techniques, aspiring artists can find their place in the art world.

 Wellington Artist Lesh Creates at an market in Wellington

Embrace the World of Wellington Artist Lesh Creates

Lesh Creates invites you to step into a world where nature's palette comes alive. Through her art, Lesh bridges the gap between our busy lives and the beauty that surrounds us. Whether it's adorning your home with her prints or simply taking a moment to appreciate the wonders of nature, Lesh's creations have the power to enrich our lives.


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