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Igniting Whimsical Magic: Meet Adelien de Wet, the Mixed Media Artist Extraordinaire

Discover the Vibrant World of a Mixed Media Artist

In the vibrant city of Auckland, New Zealand, the North Shore is home to the exceptionally talented Mixed Media Artist, Adelien de Wet. As a mixed media artist, Adelien weaves together whimsy, colour, magic, and positivity in her captivating artwork. From delightful fairies dancing on tea bags to exquisite divine goddess portraits, her creations are a kaleidoscope of creativity that never fails to uplift the spirit.

 Purple Pixie tee ADELIEN'S ART

Auckland based Mixed Media Artist Adelien de Wet


A Creative Journey Begins

Adelien's artistic journey as a Mixed Media Artist started with a love for all things crafty. She reminisces, "I always loved being creative. I began with craft projects like fabric painting and mosaic art." While exploring various creative avenues, she worked as a merchandiser, stylist, and now a nail technician. However, as she grew older, the allure of becoming a full-time artist grew stronger.



Drawing Inspiration from Whimsical Visionaries

In the realm of art, inspiration is often drawn from other visionaries who ignite the spark of creativity. When asked about her role models, Adelien explains, "I am inspired by a diverse group of artists. What they have in common is that their work is whimsical and colourful." These influential artists fuel her imagination and encourage her to infuse her own unique style into her artwork.


Fairy artwork by ADELIEN'S ART

Artwork by Mixed Media Artist Adelien de Wet.


The Colours of Inspiration

The palette of Adelien's imagination is vibrant and limitless. Colour, powerful female archetypes, and the beauty found in unique individuals, adorned with tattoos and piercings, are some of the sparks that ignite her creative fire. When she finds herself in need of a creative boost, she turns to her muse, Frida Kahlo. Adelien remarks, "Painting Frida Kahlo without fail brings my mojo back. She is my art muse for sure."


Turquoise Frida tee ADELIEN'S ART


Mixed Media Magic Unleashed

Adelien's artistic expression flourishes through the dynamic fusion of mixed media. Acrylic paint, acrylic ink, markers, colour pencils, collage, and alcohol markers dance harmoniously on her canvas. This liberating combination of media allows her to explore endless possibilities without constraints. "I love the freedom that mixing media gives me. There are no rules, only limitless potential," she shares.


Capturing the Essence of Magic

Themes of enchantment and empowerment permeate Adelien's art. Magical creatures, extraordinary individuals, and uplifting affirmations weave themselves into her creations. Each piece is a gateway to embracing one's authentic self and discovering the hidden magic and positivity within ourselves and the world around us.


Today I Choose Joy Cushion Cover ADELIEN'S ART

doodlewear 'Today I Choose Joy' art print 100% cotton black cushion covers by Auckland based Mixed Media Artist Adelien de Wet.


Evolving Artistry and Inspirational Growth

Over the years, Mixed Media Artist Adelien's artistry has evolved through continuous learning and exploration. She has honed her portrait skills by participating in numerous online workshops, seeking to add more depth, detail, and magic to her creations. This commitment to growth and improvement fuels her dedication to the craft.


From Imagination to Reality

While portraits often find inspiration in photographs, Adelien's whimsical fairies flutter into existence from the depths of her imagination. With meticulous attention to detail and a vivid imagination as her guide, she breathes life into these mystical creatures.



Tea Bag Artwork by Mixed Media Artist Adelien de Wet.


The Priceless Rewards of a Creative Journey

Being an artist brings Adelien an abundance of priceless rewards. "My creative practice brings me calm, healing, and joy every day," she expresses. The ability to immerse herself in art is a gift that continuously nourishes her soul.


Embracing Growth and Spreading Joy

With a heart full of passion and a desire to inspire others, Adelien has set her sights on becoming a full-time artist. She strives for success defined by happiness, contentment, continuous growth, and, of course, financial freedom. The road ahead may be challenging, but she embraces the process, finding solace in the joy, healing, and personal transformation it brings.


Faye Royalty artwork tote bag ADELIEN'S ART


Unveiling the Artist Within

Beyond her artistic endeavours, Adelien reveals a lesser-known aspect of her life. "I love to dance," she confesses. From ballet and tap to belly dancing, she has explored various forms of dance, and her heart still yearns for the lively rhythms of line dancing.


Embracing Life's Delights

When she's not engrossed in her artwork, Adelien finds solace in yoga. As a dedicated yogi, she feels incomplete without her regular practice. Yoga helps her find balance and tranquillity, providing an essential complement to her creative pursuits.


I Am Fearless crew ADELIEN'S ART

doodlewear 'I Am Fearless' (June 2022) art print sweatshirt by Auckland based Mixed Media Artist Adelien de Wet.


Inspiring the Next Generation of Artists

For aspiring artists, Adelien shares her heartfelt advice: "Embrace the process. The joy, healing, and growth lie within the doing." Through her own creative journey, she has learned that each brushstroke and every moment spent expressing oneself is a stepping stone toward personal fulfilment.



Conclusion: Ignite Your Whimsical Spirit

Adelien de Wet, the mixed media artist from Auckland, New Zealand, invites you to step into her vibrant world of magic, colour, and positivity. Her extraordinary artistic talent, nurtured by inspiration and dedication, creates a profound impact on those who encounter her creations. Embrace your own creative spirit, find the magic within, and explore the limitless possibilities of self-expression.


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