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Art Collab: Ebozzastudio and m_illustrate

The Magic of an Art Collab: Bringing Creativity Together

In the vibrant world of art, an "art collab" is a magical blend of creativity, inspiration, and unique perspectives. One of our latest art collab features the wonderful partnership between two talented New Zealand based artists, Elaine Bozza and Melina van Wyk. These artists bring their distinctive styles together to create something truly special for a "Doodlewear Fusion". Let’s dive into their creative journey and see how their collaboration flourished.


Meet the Artists

Elaine Bozza - Ebozzastudio

Elaine is a self-taught illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. She began freelancing in 2019 and has always been drawn to wildlife, storytelling, and hand-drawn books painted with traditional mediums. "Wildlife and storytelling are my main sources of inspiration," says Elaine.

Elaine Bozza is the amazing creative behind Ebozzastudio.


Melina van Wyk - m_illustrate

Melina is a digital artist from Nelson, New Zealand, with a passion for the whimsical and unexpected. Her art is inspired by nature’s beauty and her autistic son's unique perspective. Melina’s detailed art features lovable creatures that range from cute to quirky, all designed to bring a smile to your face. "I love creating characters that remind us we are all capable of achieving extraordinary things," she shares.


Melina van Wyk the talented artist behind m_illustrate.


Why They Wanted to Collaborate

When asked why they wanted to collaborate, Elaine says, "I love the storytelling behind Melina's artwork and her characters, so I thought it would be fun to see our bird characters together, too." Melina adds, "I have always admired Elaine’s beautiful art and unique style, so I was very excited to see what we could accomplish by combining our efforts."


How Their Collaboration Began

Their art collab started with a simple Instagram message. "I messaged Melina on Instagram inviting her to collaborate with me for a collaboration Doodlewear Fusion t-shirt, and luckily, she said yes," Elaine recalls. Melina adds, "Instagram was our friend, and after a quick 'yes,' we had a teams chat to introduce ourselves and learn more about each other’s unique skills and approach."


Kea Bird And Ruru Owl Botanical tee

Elaine is rocking the Doodlewear 'Kea Bird and Ruru Owl Botanical' Men's Staple T-shirt in black.


Why Their Art Fuses So Well Together

The harmony between their styles made the art collab successful. Elaine believes their art blends so well because "we both enjoy creating birds as characters in our artwork and florals. We were flexible about changing things during the process, focusing on a final harmonious artwork." Melina echoes this sentiment, saying, "We both enjoy whimsical design and characters, and Elaine’s excellent eye for layout and pattern sorted the rest!"


The Creative Process

Elaine and Melina approached their art collaboration with a shared vision, resulting in a piece titled "Kea Bird And Ruru Owl Botanical." Elaine suggested a concept featuring their favourite characters with New Zealand native florals in black and white, using a linocut style. Each artist drew the birds in their style based on a composition sketch. "With a few back-and-forths, we added the branches and flowers," Elaine explains.

Melina drew her iconic character, a Kea wearing jandals (flip-flops), while Elaine illustrated her favourite New Zealand bird, the Ruru Owl, also known as a Morepork. The artists combined their distinctive drawing styles to create a stunning border of New Zealand native flowers, featuring the Mount Cook buttercup.


 Melina is wearing the Doodlewear 'Kea Bird and Ruru Owl Botanical' Women’s Maple T-shirt in navy.


The Joy of Collaboration

Working together brought joy and new learnings for both artists. Elaine says, "Melina's artwork inspires me, and I thought working together with motifs we love would be amazing. The whole process was smooth, and Melina was always kind and fast." Melina reflects, "Collaborating with another creative is always an interesting experience full of learnings! The success of a collaboration is totally dependent on clear and honest communication and feedback throughout the process. Elaine is a beautiful human with such a kind and lovely approach—I loved learning from her!"



This "Kea Bird And Ruru Owl Botanical" art collab between Elaine and Melina showcases the magic that happens when two creative minds come together. Their unique styles and mutual respect resulted in beautiful, harmonious designs that reflect their passion and artistry. We invite you to explore their stunning creations and feel the joy and inspiration behind their t-shirt art collaboration.

Curious to see the beautiful results of this art collab? Check out Elaine and Melina’s collaborative Kea Bird And Ruru Owl Botanical adult tee exclusively on Doodlewear. 

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