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Creative Chats with an Auckland Artist: Essie Erasmus

Discovering the Unique Journey of an Auckland Artist

Meet Essie Erasmus, a contemporary Auckland artist, and the creative mind behind Essie's Space. Predominantly working with pen and ink, she has recently ventured into painting, inspired by newfound confidence. Essie infuses her artwork with humour, encouraging viewers to appreciate the unique qualities of each piece. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, she has developed a distinctive style that merges flora and fauna in her compositions. Join us in our Creative Chats interview as we delve into her journey, inspirations, and creative process.


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From Humble Beginnings to Artistic Freedom

Essie's artistic journey began in 2018 after a long hiatus. Despite an initial struggle and discouragement from a teacher who told her to give up, she persisted. "I had no idea what I was doing when I started," Essie recalls, "but I enjoyed it, and now nothing can stop me."

With a Master of Landscape Architecture, Essie managed to incorporate drawing into her previous work. However, she recently switched careers to become a social worker, and art became her sanctuary. "Creating is calming for me, even though sounds of my frustration can be heard from my studio."



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The Inspiration Behind the Art

Essie's love for the outdoors and wildlife profoundly influences her work. Recently, she has been experimenting with cat studies to learn new techniques. "We are so disconnected from many things in our lives nowadays that we don't even realise it. Taking time away from the hustle of urban life is so important and grounding to me," she explains.

Essie finds her inspiration in nature and the joy it brings. "My favourite pieces are the ones that make people smile. Call me sappy, but if a drawing brings even one person joy, job done," she says.



Balancing Art with Everyday Life

Fitting her art around full-time work as a community support worker in mental health and addiction, studying for her Master of Social Work, fostering cats, and spending time in nature, Essie finds peace in creating. "Art is one bubble I can enter to relax in," she notes.

Essie doesn't see art as a career but as a passion. "Focusing on art as a job doesn't work for me. I love creating. I love drawing and painting. However, when I focus on creating art for profit, it takes the enjoyment out of it," she explains.



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Embracing the Creative Process

Essie’s creative process is a blend of spontaneity and perfectionism. "Filled with expletives," she jokes, "I embrace the go-with-the-flow side, but it's always competing with the perfectionist in me." She believes that different pieces want to be created in different ways, and it's beautiful to embrace that.

Using her iPad as an essential tool, Essie appreciates the efficiency it brings. "My iPad means I can go from rough sketch to outline without destroying paper," she says.



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Finding Joy in Creation

Essie's favourite subject to draw is her cat, Pumba. "She has a fantastic resting (beautiful) face. She looks murderous, but she's a sweetheart really," she shares. Using her own photo references, she feels a deeper connection to her subject matter.

When asked about her artistic achievements, Essie humbly acknowledges a "bunch" of art awards and pieces displayed in various places. Her definition of success is simple yet profound: "Enjoying life."



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Advice for Aspiring Artists

Essie offers valuable advice to those wanting to make art their full-time job: "Remember why you started creating. Don't compromise your values. Price fairly." For young or new artists, she encourages, "Make the artwork you're too scared to."

She emphasises the importance of not caring about what others think. "The best piece of advice I've ever received is to stop giving a shit about what other people think," she says.



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Conclusion: Embrace the Joy of Art with Essie Erasmus

Essie Erasmus's journey as an contemporary Auckland artist is a testament to the power of persistence, passion, and finding joy in creation. Her unique style and humorous approach bring smiles to many, reminding us to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

To explore more of Essie's delightful creations, check out her collaboration with Doodlewear. What piece of Essie's art speaks to you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments and let us know!

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