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Contemporary Art NZ: Exploring the Vibrant World of Anna Mollekin's Doodlewear


Meet Anna Mollekin, a New Zealand Contemporary artist living in Auckland with her beautiful family, and the proud owner of doodlewear.

With a passion for creativity that knows no bounds, Anna not only owns and operates doodlewear solo, but also channels her artistic genius into a myriad of mediums, from digital creations to intricate ink pen masterpieces. As a proud New Zealander, Anna's work delves deep into themes inspired by the rich tapestry of New Zealand's flora and fauna, as well as nostalgia, infusing her creations with a unique sense of identity and belonging.

Majestic Marine Lacework long sleeve tee ANNA MOLLEKIN

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From Inspiration to Creation: The Journey of Doodlewear

Doodlewear's inception sprang from a quest for quality and authenticity. Disappointed with the lackluster offerings from overseas-based online stores, Libby Liu embarked on a mission to redefine the standards of wearable art. Thus, doodlewear emerged in November 2017, with a commitment to excellence and a passion for showcasing the best of New Zealand's artistic talent.

Fast forward to March 2021, when Anna Mollekin took over the reins of doodlewear, marking a new chapter. Anna had been a doodlewear artist collaborator herself since May 2018, seamlessly blending her expertise in being marketing, graphic design, and print with her passion for supporting local artists. "Doodlewear is like a dream business come true," Anna shares. "Combining my passion for art with my skills feels like a perfect fit." For Anna, doodlewear isn't just a business venture—it's a dream realised, a platform to showcase her artistic vision.


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The Artistic Contemporary Art NZ Journey: Anna Mollekin's Story

Anna's career journey embodies a seamless fusion of artistry and professional growth. Armed with a Bachelor of Media Arts in graphic design and a PrintNZ Apprenticeship in Graphic Communication, she honed her skills through hands-on roles in printing companies and her own graphic design studio. Her diverse experiences in creative settings, ranging from a regional council to a year-long sabbatical in China, and her tenure in a dynamic marketing team as a designer for shopping centres, have not only enriched her expertise but also broadened her horizons.

Anna's journey into the realm of "being an artist" began as a casual hobby, a means to break free from the confines of her day job as a graphic designer. "Creating art was my escape, my chance to unleash creativity without boundaries," Anna reminisces. Despite initial reservations, Anna's sister's unwavering belief ignited her confidence, leading to the serendipitous encounter that kick-started her art career selling her artwork in retail shops.

Additionally, the pandemic proved to be a pivotal moment, prompting Anna to shift gears and wholeheartedly embrace her identity as an artist. "It triggered a mindset shift," she explains. "I came to the realisation that art wasn't merely a hobby; it was my calling, my path to forging a meaningful career. By adopting a business mindset and strategically approaching it as a business rather than just a hobby, I understood that I could transform my passion into a viable livelihood."


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Impact Of Social Media

Anna shares, "Throughout my artistic journey, I've consistently shared my creations on social media, leading to a cascade of unexpected opportunities. From collaborating with the cool New York-based business 'Frida Vibes' to being interviewed on RadioNZ and creating artwork for International Women's Day with thenzteam, my artistic endeavours have reached diverse platforms. Additionally, serving as a BioCup Art Series Artist for BioPak (Australia) was an exhilarating highlight. Despite the myriad achievements, some express surprise at the transformative impact of the pandemic on my career trajectory, given my prior accomplishments. However, on reflection, I realise that lingering doubts about my success as an artist have obscured my own recognition of these milestones. People can believe in you, but you must believe in yourself."


Kea's Lace tee ANNA MOLLEKIN

Step into the vibrant world of contemporary art NZ with Anna Mollekin, showcasing her 'Kea's Lace' masterpiece on the Mali Black t-shirt from her own doodlewear collection! 


Drawing Inspiration from Influences

Anna's artistic palette draws inspiration from diverse sources. Influenced by the pop-art movement and luminaries like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, Anna infuses her work with bold colors and flat shapes. Additionally, Anna adds, "I've always admired Andy Goldsworthy's natural installations, which you can see reflected in my arrangement of artwork featuring objects found in nature." Yet, amidst these artistic giants, Anna finds inspiration closer to home. As a mother, Anna sees her daughters as her guiding lights, instilling in her a drive to pursue her passions relentlessly.


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The Essence of Anna's Art

Anna's art embodies a profound yet simple message: joy and positivity. With each brushstroke or pen mark, Anna endeavours to ignite smiles and warmth, welcoming viewers into a realm of nostalgia and comfort. In many of her works, her art serves as a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us in this world. Her artistic versatility is evident in two distinct styles: one bursting with vibrant hues, and the other showcasing the elegance of monochrome simplicity. Known for her digital hand-drawn creations characterised by bold black lines and 2d shapes layered to create form and textures, Anna's artwork possesses a charm that captivates audiences worldwide. Additionally, Anna's intricate lace-inspired pieces, meticulously crafted with ink pen and refined in Adobe Illustrator, showcase her mindful attention to detail and dedication to creating symmetrical and smooth masterpieces.


Ornate Trio Of Snapper crew ANNA MOLLEKIN

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Drawing Inspiration from Life's Canvas

Nature serves as Anna's muse, infusing her artwork with a sense of vitality and joy. "Time spent amidst the tranquility of nature fuels my creativity," Anna shares. "The beauty of the beach, the sound of birdsong and ocean – these moments of serenity inspire me to create art that resonates with others."


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Capturing Moments, Creating Art

Anna's creative process begins with her camera, capturing snapshots of nature's beauty wherever she goes. These photos serve as a visual diary, providing inspiration for her intricate digital artworks. Hand-drawn with precision and passion, Anna's pieces come to life on her iPad Pro, each stroke infused with meaning and purpose.

Kiwi's Lace tee - art for a cause ANNA MOLLEKIN

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Evolution of Expression: Anna Mollekin's Artistic Odyssey

While Anna's artistic style has remained steadfast, her subject matter has evolved over the years. From portraits to birds and florals, Anna's work reflects her ever-changing journey and exploration of new horizons.


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Experience the fusion of style and creativity with 'Coromandel Striped Gecko's Lace' art print Men's Staple Navy t-shirt, crafted by Contemporary New Zealand Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin. #ContemporaryArtNZ

Success Redefined: The Art of Balance

Success is a deeply personal journey, and Anna firmly believes that each individual must craft their own unique definition of what it means to them. For Anna, success is twofold – it's the ability to create art that resonates with others while building a thriving business. "Success means finding that sweet spot where passion meets profitability," she reflects. Balancing artistic integrity with commercial viability is a delicate dance, one that Anna navigates with grace and determination.


My Sunshine artwork tote bag ANNA MOLLEKIN

Carry a piece of sunshine with you wherever you go with 'My Sunshine' art print tote bag, crafted from premium 100% cotton canvas by Contemporary Art NZ Artist Anna Mollekin, owner of doodlewear.

Words of Wisdom: Nurturing the Artist Within

To aspiring artists, Anna offers insightful advice: "Dream big, but don't forget to plan and execute. Treat your art like a business, with clear goals and a relentless pursuit of growth." Embrace every opportunity to learn and evolve, she advises, and never underestimate the power of perseverance. As Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right." For Anna, the key lies in embracing challenges, learning from failures, and relentlessly pursuing one's artistic vision.


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