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Contemporary Art Wellington: A Glimpse into Bianca Laing's World

Contemporary Art Wellington: A Dive into Bianca's World of Creativity

In the vibrant city of Wellington, where creativity knows no bounds, one artist stands out with her exceptional talent and unique perspective. Meet Bianca Laing, a contemporary artist whose journey through art has been as colourful as her paintings.


Experience the vibrant world of contemporary art in Wellington through the captivating creations of Bianca Laing.


Creative Chats with Bianca: Exploring the Artist's Journey

Bianca's passion for art traces back to her earliest memories. "I've always been extremely creative," she shares. "As a kid, I was absolutely set on becoming a vet. Then, during my high school years, the idea of teaching really appealed to me. But it wasn't until I found myself at art school that I realised where my true passion lay."

After completing her high school education in Alexandra, Bianca initially pursued a degree in Primary teaching in Dunedin. However, it didn't take long for her to recognise her calling within the realm of visual expression. Transitioning to art school, she dedicated four years to honing her craft, majoring in painting.

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Embracing Artistry amidst Life's Adventures

Following her studies, Bianca's journey led her to Wellington, where she embraced various non-art-related occupations while intermittently nurturing her artistic pursuits. It wasn't until the arrival of her first child at the age of 27 that Bianca fully rekindled her passion for painting. Now married and a mother of three daughters, she gracefully balances her artistic endeavours with part-time work for a photographer.

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Finding Inspiration in Nature and Everyday Experiences

Bianca's artistic process is as diverse as her creations. "I gather inspiration from various sources—nature, emotions, experiences, even dreams," she explains. "I try to have a notebook near me, or my notes app on my phone for when things pop into my head, as they often leave just as fast as they arrive. My brain is a very full place, I have quite different ideas on the go at once- I have recently been working on some landscape pieces, but also some very pop art like florals, and then playing with resin."

From landscapes to vibrant florals, Bianca's artworks exude a sense of whimsy and creativity. "I am most definitely not put in one box," she laughs. 

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Bianca's Artistic Palette: Exploring Mediums and Techniques

Bianca's love for painting shines through in every aspect of her artistic journey. She finds joy in the vibrant hues of acrylics, appreciating their quick-drying nature that perfectly suits her energetic approach to creation. While she occasionally dabbles in oils, Bianca confesses a preference for acrylics due to her lack of patience for waiting. "I do enjoy oils from time to time," she admits, "but I need a proper studio space again to have the right setup for it all!" Lately, she's been immersed in the world of fluid acrylics, particularly captivated with the Golden High Flow series, which has become her go-to choice for experimentation and expression.


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Exploring Bianca's Favourite Subjects: Landscapes and Flowers

When asked about her favourite things to draw, Bianca's shares, " I am loving landscapes at the moment. Using colors to show different feelings is so cool. I also like adding little patterns and lines that don't usually belong. And flowers? I'm totally obsessed with them, haha!" With every stroke, Bianca brings landscapes and flowers to life, creating art that's bursting with joy and wonder.


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The Joy of Self-Expression and Creative Freedom

For Bianca, the essence of being an artist lies in the freedom to express oneself authentically. "There's something incredibly liberating about transforming thoughts, emotions, and experiences into tangible works of art," she reflects. "And the feeling you get when someone purchases your artwork—it's truly priceless."

With professional aspirations to make art her full-time pursuit, Bianca aims to showcase her prints in local stores and exhibit her work in galleries. "Ultimately, I want to continue growing creatively and making a meaningful impact through my art," she shares.

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Advice for Aspiring Artists: Stay True to Your Voice

As our conversation draws to a close, Bianca offers a piece of advice to young and new artists: "Stay true to your artistic voice. Experiment, take risks, and embrace your unique style. Remember, the journey of an artist is about growth and self-expression. Keep creating, and trust in your vision!"


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Join us on this artistic adventure and embrace the beauty of contemporary art in Wellington with Bianca. Let's celebrate creativity, diversity, and the power of self-expression together!

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