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Delightful And Festive Christmas Tees To Brighten Your Holiday Season

 There’s something special about the holiday season. With another year going by, it’s time to remember all the good that happened in the past few months and spend time with your family and friends. Of course, you don’t have to limit your holiday cheer to certain times; why not take some joyful Christmas spirit with you everywhere you go? With a gorgeous Christmas tee, you can bring your Christmas joy with you wherever you go.

Everyone Who Loves Christmas Will Love These Charming Christmas Tees

People usually think of thick jackets and fuzzy scarves when they think of winter season clothing. But what about casual clothing that can be worn in any environment? Tee shirts are perfect for nearly every occasion because they’re comfortable, easy to wear and wonderfully straightforward.

Our Christmas tee collection has a lovely variety of cute and unique shirts for you to look through. Anyone who loves showing off their fun Christmas cheer will love these tees because:

Christmas Beach Party tee - Christmas t shirts collection TRISH HARDING ART
Doodlewear - 'Christmas Beach Party' art print Christmas t shirt by New Zealand Contemporary Realism Artist Trish Harding.

You Can Casually Show People Your Christmas Spirit And Your Art Lover Side At The Same Time. As the familiar saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. Wearing a lovely shirt with fun holiday-themed art on it is a great way to tell the people around you that you’re joyful and looking forward to the wonderful Christmas season.

Whether you’re sporting a unique Christmas tree design or you’re showing an adorable kiwi-themed design, you can easily take your love of Christmas wherever you go. Printed tees are the perfect way to display a bit of your personality without saying a thing.

Additionally, these shirts are special because all of our art is created by talented local artists who work hard to create unique designs. When you support gifted artists like the ones on our team, you’re supporting creativity itself.


Festive NZ Flora tee - Christmas t shirts collection LESH CREATES

Doodlewear - Christmas t shirta  by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh McNicholl of Lesh Creates.

You Can Wear Them Anytime You Like. Cosy Christmas-themed winter wear is incredibly charming, but no one wants to wear a thick sweater while they’re in a heated home. So, an excellent perk of these tee shirts is that you can wear them wherever you are, no matter the temperature.

Are you cosy at home, resting near a heater? A tee shirt is the perfect thing to throw on. Are you outside in the cold, running errands? Go ahead and put a few layers over your shirt and protect yourself from the cold weather. No matter what your situation is, a tee shirt is always an easy and casual clothing option.

Cathy the Crab tee - Christmas t shirts collection PENNY ROYAL DESIGN
Doodlewear - 'Cathy the Crab' art print Christmas t shirt by New Zealand Artist Penny Royal.

They Make For Excellent Gifts. Christmas is all about sharing joy and spreading cheer, and these wonderful shirts are a great way to do so. Do you know anyone else who loves Christmas? Give them an early Christmas present that they can enjoy all season long. Everywhere they go, they’ll be able to enjoy their beautiful new shirt, with the added bonus of remembering how much you care about them.

Our shirts come in various size options so that you can find the perfect shirt for anyone in your family. You could even take it a fun step further and purchase matching shirts for you and your loved ones, showing off your bond and your love for the holidays simultaneously.

Printed shirts, in general, are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for gifts for Christmas day.They’re comfortable, interesting and easily incorporated into nearly any casual outfit. At doodlewear, we have a vast selection of shirts, totes, tea towels and more that could be perfect for your loved ones.

Crowned Christmas - Christmas t shirts collection ANNA MOLLEKIN PINDoodlewear - 'Crowned Christmas' Crown Lynn Swan art print Christmas t shirt by New Zealand Contemporary Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin.

What To Know About These Festive Shirts

As you look at our collection of holiday shirts, you may be wondering, will there be more? You’ll be happy to learn that we plan on adding even more shirts to our Christmas selection annually, so keep checking in to stay updated!

A wonderful thing about our Christmas designs is that you don’t have to only wear them during the holidays. Many of these designs are great for any time of year. You, and anyone you give these shirts to, can hold on to the spirit of the season whenever you want to.

So, as you shop, remember these key takeaways:

  • Our beautiful tee shirts are made with high-quality materials to ensure you are happy and comfortable.
  • Our magnificent art is created by a talented team of local artists who work hard to make unique artwork for you to enjoy.
  • Stunning and delightful tee shirts make for wonderful gifts that spread cheer and happiness.

Present for Pi tee - Christmas t shirts collection MATT COATES ARTDoodlewear - 'Present for Pi' art print Christmas t shirt by New Zealand Artist Matt Coates.

Do You Want To Make This Christmas Season Better? Visit Our Shop For Plenty Of Beautifully Designed Shirts

Come see our unique selection of Christmas tees to find creative, cute and beautiful shirts! At doodlewear, we do our best to provide our valued customers with high-quality shirts and products that’ll enrich your life.

We know you want your family’s Christmas season to be perfect, so we’re here to answer any questions you have about our selection. Email us at to get in touch.

Beautify your holiday season with gorgeous Christmas tees from doodlewear!

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