Vibrant Splendour of Floral Artwork NZ by Kirsty McMahon

Discover the Vibrant Splendour of Floral Artwork NZ by Kirsty McMahon

Floral Artwork NZ: Embracing the Beauty of Native Flora and Fauna with Kirsty McMahon

In the town of Pukekohe, Auckland, a gifted artist named Kirsty McMahon resides, finding her creative muse in the wonders of nature. Kirsty's profound admiration for New Zealand's remarkable variety of native flora and fauna serves as the driving force behind her awe-inspiring creations. Recently, we had the pleasure of catching up with Kirsty, gaining insights into her life, artistic journey, and the captivating world of Floral Artwork NZ.

 Kirsty McMahon Artist

Pukekohe Artist Kirsty McMahon 

Creating a Blossoming Artistic Journey

Kirsty's artistic expedition bloomed in 2019 when her daughter was one year old. During those precious moments when her daughter was sleeping, Kirsty would turn to her art, indulging in the enchanting world of doodling flowers. Little did she know that a single piece she lovingly crafted for her daughter's room would ignite a wave of fascination among art enthusiasts when she shared it on social media. The overwhelming interest she received served as a powerful testament to the mesmerising appeal of her Floral Artwork NZ.


A Childhood Dream Flourishing into Reality

As a child, Kirsty harboured countless dreams, but the desire to become an artist held a special place in her heart. The process of transforming blank canvases into visual narratives of beauty and emotion intrigued her young imagination. Today, Kirsty embraces her childhood aspirations, skilfully blending her artistic talents with the captivating essence of Floral Artwork NZ.

 doodlewear 'Peace of NZ' art print t shirt by Pukekohe based Artist Kirsty McMahon.

doodlewear 'Peace of NZ' art print t shirt by Kirsty McMahon.

Rediscovering Inspiration Through Nature's Embrace

Like all artists, Kirsty encounters moments when inspiration momentarily eludes her. However, these instances are few and far between. When faced with a creative lull, Kirsty finds solace in nature, and a leisurely walk acts as a reset button.


doodlewear 'Floral Heartbeat'  art printed t shirt by Pukekohe based Artist Kirsty McMahon

Celebrating the Essence of Native NZ Floral Art

Among Kirsty's artistic repertoire, her native NZ floral art pieces stand as the crowning jewels of her portfolio. Each meticulously crafted artwork reflects the unique beauty and essence of New Zealand's captivating flora. From the delicate unfurling fronds of the silver fern to the vibrant petals of the kōwhai, Kirsty's brushstrokes bring forth a rich tapestry of colours and textures, capturing the essence of her beloved homeland.


doodlewear ‘Monarch's Joy’ quality 100% cotton tea towel by Pukekohe based Artist Kirsty McMahon

"Monarch's Joy": A Vibrant Tribute

When asked about her favourite creation, Kirsty finds it difficult to choose just one. However, a particular piece holds a special place in her heart— "Monarch's Joy." Beyond its captivating aesthetics, this artwork carries a deep personal meaning. The title itself is a nod to Kirsty's beloved Nana Joy, who passed away in 2022. With its vibrant energy mirroring her Nana's spirit, "Monarch's Joy" serves as a vibrant tribute to a cherished loved one.


Ink Pens: Kirsty's Indispensable Artistic Tool

As an artist, Kirsty treasures her ink pens as her most essential tools. With these versatile instruments, she expertly navigates the intricate details and delicate linework that bring her Floral Artwork NZ to life.  

Kirsty painting Heart of NZ artwork

Kirsty behind the scenes, creating the breathtaking "Heart of NZ" artwork.

Captivated by the Splendour of Flowers and Birds

When it comes to the subject matter, Kirsty's heart finds solace in the beauty of flowers and birds. The vibrant hues and intricate shapes of these natural elements breathe life and vitality into her art, creating captivating compositions that resonate with viewers. Through her artwork, Kirsty celebrates the abundant beauty and vivid colours that these elements add to our world.


The Joy and Freedom of Artistic Expression

For Kirsty, the greatest joy of being an artist lies in the tranquillity it brings to her soul. When immersed in the creative process, she finds peace and fulfilment, allowing her mind and spirit to soar freely. Moreover, the flexibility of being her own boss provides Kirsty with the freedom to explore her artistic vision fully, nourishing her passion for Floral Artwork NZ.


doodlewear 'Kiwi Flora' art printed t shirt by Pukekohe based Artist Kirsty McMahon

doodlewear 'Kiwi Flora' art print Men's Staple t shirt by Kirsty McMahon.

Unleashing the Wings of Imagination: A Flight of Inspiration

If Kirsty could assume the form of any creature, she would undoubtedly choose to be a bird. The allure of flight, the ability to soar high above, and the feeling of freedom that accompanies it captivate her imagination. In particular, the welcome swallow holds a special place in her heart, reflecting her affinity for these graceful creatures.


Believe in Yourself: Wisdom for the Journey

As Kirsty reflects upon her artistic journey, she shares a poignant piece of advice she would give to her younger self — "Believe in yourself." Though it may sound cliché, these words hold immense significance. Self-belief serves as the foundation for nurturing creativity, unlocking the full potential within every aspiring artist.


Artist Kirsty McMahon


In Floral Artwork NZ, Kirsty McMahon radiates as a creative beacon. With a profound love for nature's treasures, her art captivates with vibrant beauty. Embrace self-belief on your artistic journey, where heart and brush intertwine. Experience Kirsty McMahon's captivating Floral Artwork NZ, where nature's splendour unfolds in breathtaking detail.


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