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Meet Emma Pearce-Hagen: A New Zealand Calligraphy Artist Bringing Nature to Life

Introducing a New Zealand Calligraphy Artist: Emma Pearce-Hagen

Emma Pearce-Hagen, a talented New Zealand calligraphy artist, is the creative force behind Inkberry Calligraphy, an art studio in Auckland. Inspired by her flower garden, nature, and the beauty that surrounds her, Emma blends calligraphy with ink and watercolour illustrations to produce uplifting and colourful artwork. Her journey as a full-time artist since 2017 has been nothing short of inspiring, and we’re thrilled to share her story with you in our Creative Chats interview.

Inkberry Calligraphy

Emma Pearce-Hagen is the New Zealand Calligraphy and illustrator behind Inkberry Calligraphy


The Beginnings of a New Zealand Calligraphy Artist

Emma's journey as a New Zealand calligraphy artist started at a young age, influenced by her artistic family. "I was born with a love of art and was inspired by my grandfather who was a watercolour painter and my mother who is a sculptor," Emma recalls. Her passion for calligraphy began 35 years ago when her father suggested she give it a try. "It was the perfect combination of my love of language and a love of lettering," she says. Emma's dedication to her craft led her to leave her career as an ESOL and Literacy and Numeracy teacher to pursue her dream full-time. "One day my husband said, 'Follow your dream of becoming an artist and I’ll support you all the way.' So I did and have never looked back!" Emma shares.



Inspirations and Creative Process

Emma finds endless inspiration in the natural world. "I am inspired by nature, especially flowers and nature. Painters who specialise in painting flowers inspire me," she explains. When creativity isn't flowing, Emma takes a break to recharge. "If I’m stuck and creativity is just not flowing, it’s pens down and out for a walk. Often a spark of creativity will come while outside in nature or I’ll wake at 3am in the morning with a bright idea," she reveals.




The Essence of Emma's Art

As a New Zealand calligraphy artist, Emma aims to convey beauty in everyday life through her artwork. "The message in my art is about creating beauty in our everyday lives, savouring small everyday moments, and connecting to the peace of nature," she explains. Her unique style combines soft watercolours and romantic calligraphy, creating delicate and feminine pieces that incorporate fine lettering and pastel colours. Emma's art is known for its uplifting and serene qualities, bringing joy to those who experience it.


Move Mountains Moon Rising tee INKBERRY CALLIGRAPHY

'Move Mountains' t-shirt by New Zealand Calligraphy and illustrator Emma Pearce-Hagen


Fun Facts About Emma

Emma has some interesting facets to her life that might surprise you. "My favourite book is 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' by Gabriel García Márquez. This book inspired me to learn to speak Spanish. I’ve been to Spain and a dream is to visit South America one day!" she shares. Outside of her studio, Emma enjoys exploring New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes, spending time with her family, and indulging in TV series and foreign films with a glass of Prosecco. Her love for diverse cultures and experiences enriches her creative spirit.

A Kiwi Tea Party tea towel INKBERRY CALLIGRAPHY

‘A Kiwi Tea Party’ tea towel by New Zealand Calligraphy and illustrator Emma Pearce-Hagen


Deeply Wild Snowy Mountains tee INKBERRY CALLIGRAPHY

‘Deeply Wild Snowy Mountains’ tee by New Zealand Calligraphy and illustrator Emma Pearce-Hagen.


Discover More of Emma's Work

Emma Pearce-Hagen’s creations at Inkberry Calligraphy truly showcase her talent and passion as a New Zealand calligraphy artist. Her work not only beautifies spaces but also inspires and uplifts everyone who encounters it. To see more of Emma's stunning pieces, be sure to check out her Doodlewear collaboration collection.

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