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NZ Native Bird Art Print Tees

Kiwi's Lace tee - art for a cause ANNA MOLLEKIN

doodlewear 'Kiwi's Lace' art print kiwi tshirt by Contemporary New Zealand Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin.


Tee shirts are an incredible kind of clothing - they're extremely versatile, very comfortable and perfect for basically any casual situation. You can easily display a part of your personality on your shirt, and if you're from New Zealand, why not consider showing off some NZ pride with a native bird printed tee?

Wearing a cool shirt with art of a native New Zealand bird on it is an easy and fun way to tell the world that you love your country. Plus, our native birds come in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes that you will easily be able to find a shirt that you adore.

So, what specific kinds of birds can you find on shirts?

What Kind Of Stylish And Cool Native Bird Print Tees Are Available To Me?

New Zealand's selection of native birds is vast and breathtaking, from the iconic kiwi to the colourful kereru. These birds are so stunning and interesting that anyone who enjoys beautiful designs would most likely love a shirt with a native bird printed on it.

At doodlewear, we are proud to carry an excellently extensive collection of outstanding New Zealand native bird tee shirts. In fact, we have over eighty amazing native bird art printed tee shirts for you to choose from. Our selection could possibly be the largest collection of NZ native bird shirts in New Zealand itself!

If you have a favourite native New Zealand bird, you will most likely be able to find an awesome shirt sporting your favourite in our shop. We have adorable kiwis, vibrant keas, elegant kotare and many, many more. You'll find them here no matter what kind of bird you love!

The Gathering teeDoodlewear - 'The Gathering' (August 2021) art print t shirt by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh Creates

Our shirts aren't just simple bird prints, either. Our talented team of artists use their creative skills to deliver art pieces that are beautiful and fun for you to enjoy. If you would like a shirt with a cool bird-based design that's not as straightforward as a simple picture of a bird, we've got you covered. Or, if you enjoy art with a vintage feel to it, we also have several options with vintage-feeling artwork that looks good enough to hang up like art.

Wholesome Destruction tee

Doodlewear - 'Wholesome Destruction' art printed t shirt by Wellington Illustrator Rose Northey

Conversely, are you searching for something a little less serious? We also have plenty of choices for people who are looking for cute and fun artwork that'll bring a smile to peoples' faces. Our artists work hard to bring artwork that'll appeal to every kind of person, from those who enjoy serious designs to those who want to show off their funny side.

Indeed, if you want to find the perfect native New Zealand bird tee shirt, our store is the place to go.

Proud Kereru teeDoodlewear - 'Proud Kereru' (2020) art printed t shirt by Wellington-based artist Maria Elizabeth. 

Why Are Tee Shirts Still Such A Wonderful Clothing Choice?

Along with just looking good, native bird tee shirts are a fantastic clothing choice. Tee shirts are so popular for many great reasons; if you regularly wear them, you could probably name a few benefits yourself. For those days when you still want to look good, but you don't want to spend too long fussing over your outfit choice, you can reach for a lovely native bird tee and be off.

Clearly, wearing creatively printed tee shirts is a fun way to show off an interest that you're proud of and reflect your personality. As mentioned above, donning a native bird printed shirt is a fantastic way to display New Zealand pride wherever you are in the world.

But, these shirts can show off other parts of your personality as well; they can show off your art-loving side, your animal lover side and your fashionable side. These beautiful designs will turn heads and impress others as you go about your day.

Trish Harding ArtDoodlewear - art print t shirts by Trish Harding

On top of that, they're also high-quality and very comfortable. Unlike other kinds of clothing that are tricky to get on and off or require a lot of maintenance, tee shirts can simply be thrown on and enjoyed. These shirts are absolutely perfect for relaxing around the house, taking care of errands or hanging out with friends.

Kiwi's Lace tee - art for a causeDoodlewear - 'Kiwi's Lace' (April 2020 - original pen drawing August 2018) art print t shirt by Contemporary New Zealand Artist Anna Mollekin

Where Can I Find Heaps Of Comfortable And Stylish Native Bird Tees?

Here at doodlewear, we passionately offer New Zealanders heaps of gorgeous printed clothing. Along with native bird prints, we also have a wide selection of other creative art prints for you to enjoy. Our clothing makes for wonderful gifts for yourself or others; why not treat yourself to a new favourite shirt today?

If you've noticed that you really enjoy one of our artist's art styles, you can also conveniently sort your search based on which of our talented artists you prefer. This way, you can easily find art pieces that you adore while you support our hard work.

If you have any further questions about our artists, processes or products, we'd love to hear from you! To get in touch, you can email us at to reach our friendly team.

Show off your love for native New Zealand birds with our fantastic printed shirts from us at doodlewear!

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