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A Dive into the World of Surface Pattern Designer Elaine Bozza

Creative Chats: A Glimpse into Elaine's Artistic Journey

Meet Elaine Bozza of Ebozzastudio, the self-taught surface pattern designer from Brazil who moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2014. Dive into our "Creative Chat" with Elaine as she shares insights into her artistic journey, inspirations, and the captivating stories behind her whimsical artwork.


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A Palette of Beginnings

In the world of surface pattern design, Elaine Bozza is a luminary, turning dreams into intricate patterns that dance across canvases. Her journey began with childhood explorations of paintings adorning her mother's home, eventually leading her to art and crafts classes at the local community centre. "I did not always want to be an artist," Elaine shares. "I always listed things I wanted to do, and being a ballerina was the first. But the teacher said I was 'too big' and 'my body type' wasn't suitable for that profession. "This prompted me to think, "This isn't the right fit for me; I need to find a space where I can truly flourish." Then I decided to pursue art.


A 'Frankenstein' Journey: Stitching Dreams Together

Elaine's career path resembles a 'Frankenstein'—a mix of customer service, sales, and hospitality jobs. Money was tight, hindering her ability to study art in her youth. "I have worked in various fields, including customer service, sales, and hospitality, which has helped shape me into the professional I am today. Although I couldn't financially support myself to study art when I was younger, I always dreamed of working as an artist, and working towards that dream to become a reality."



A Symphony of Inspirations

In our creative chat, Elaine reveals a rich tapestry of influences, drawing inspiration because they are consistent in their art style using traditional and digital painting. From artists like Lorena Alvarez Gomez, Sibylline Meynet, Marija Tiurina, Alfredo Caceres, Caley Hicks, Julie Mellan and Karoline PietrowskiTwo artists I really look up to are Charles M. Schulz, who created "Peanuts," and Laerte Coutinho, a fantastic cartoonist from Brazil.


Crafting Wildlife Narratives

Elaine's art unfolds ludic-style tales of wildlife and adventure, each piece born from intuitive storytelling. "I imagine a story that would happen with all the elements involved, choose the mood (for instance, day or night), and then sketch the motifs and the background elements separately in different positions. After that, I pick my favourites and turn them into a tile, test different colour combinations, and finally refine the drawings and paintings."

Adventure and storytelling are the themes that drive her artistic pursuits. "I want to spread the same great feelings that I have when I create my art—love, freedom, happiness, peace."




The Evolution of Elaine's Art

Over the years, Elaine's art has evolved through constant online study and relentless drawing, giving her the confidence to express her ideas more vividly. Despite juggling roles in customer service and hospitality, her dream of becoming a full-time artist recently materialised. 


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The Influence of Daily Life on Artistic Expression

Being a surface pattern designer is more than creating art; it's a lifestyle. Elaine shares, "The good side of being an artist means that I can support myself financially, giving me the freedom to buy art supplies and keep making art." However, the challenges of a demanding primary job sometimes lead to a delicate balancing act. "When I have to work too many hours, I feel too tired physically, and then I have to split my art project during the week instead of doing it in two days."


Elaine's Artistic Toolbox

Equipped with an array of coloured pencils, ink pens, and a deep passion for exploring colour through both digital and watercolour mediums, Elaine seamlessly integrates traditional and digital elements into her art. Her go-to starting point remains the simplicity of a blue-coloured pencil and regular paper. Emphasising the significance of these basic tools, she states, "Any pencil or pen and a piece of paper" serve as her essentials, enabling her to swiftly capture ideas without the burden of perfection. Elaine elaborates on her artistic process, revealing, "I consistently begin with hand-drawn sketches using coloured pencils, ink pens, and digital colour studies or watercolour. Depending on the project's requirements, I then finalise it digitally, utilising either vector or watercolour/collared pencil techniques."



doodlewear 'Forest Birds, Little Cuties' art print t shirt by Mixed Media and Surface Pattern Designer Elaine Bozza.


The Favourites that Soar and Dive

Birds in flight and whales beneath the water: these are the artist's favourite artworks. "it makes me feel calm and free; those feelings feed my soul," she says. Hand-drawn with coloured pencils, ink pens, and watercolour, her creations embody freedom and tranquillity.


From Sketches to Collaboration: Displaying Art on Unique Canvases

Elaine currently collaborates with doodlewear, Honey Wrap NZ and Spoonflower, showcasing her designs on various products. Her art finds a home in the realm of home decor, riding the wave of wallpaper trends with maximalist and playful animal designs. I am very intentional about who I collaborate with, and it is important that their values align with mine.

Elaine's artistic accolades include winning the NZChefs National Salon Margarine Sculpting in 2015 and the Bird of The Year & New Zealand Native Birds Honey Wrap Design Competition in 2022.




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A Glimpse into the Artist's Goals

What does success mean to her? "When I can manage my limitations and achieve my personal or professional goals. "Her aspirations include becoming a full-time artist and collaborating with businesses while selling her physical original paintings and textiles. I also dream of illustrating picture books for children.



doodlewear 'Christmas party NZ Birds & Pohutukawa tree' art print Christmas t shirt by Mixed Media and Surface Pattern Designer Elaine Bozza.


The Canvas of Tomorrow

As Elaine continues to paint her artistic future, she dreams of becoming a full-time artist, collaborating with businesses, and sharing her original paintings and textiles with the world.

Elaine offers a glimpse into this adventure, sharing, "I promise sharing it, as soon as I get there…." 


Empowering Young and Emerging Artists

Elaine's advice for aspiring artists? "Never ever stop doing art. Ignoring your artistic voice will haunt you with miserable feelings until you allow it to speak up through your art."

When asked about the best advice received, the artist imparts a timeless truth: "Wisdom is when you first learn from someone else's mistakes, not yours." This nugget underscores the importance of gleaning insights from the experiences of others, offering a shortcut to growth and mastery in the artistic journey.

Reflecting on the past, the surface pattern designer shares advice with her younger self: "Keep going, because good or bad things don’t last forever." This nugget of resilience and optimism echoes through the years, resonating with anyone navigating the twists and turns of their artistic evolution.








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