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Meet the Talented Taranaki Artist: Emily Rajasingh's Artistic Journey

Creative Chats with Taranaki Artist: Emily's Artistic Journey

Welcome to our interview with Emily Rajasingh, a passionate Taranaki artist who captures the essence of New Zealand's native flora, fauna, and animals through her exquisite watercolour paintings. Emily recently shared her journey, inspirations, and love for art with us. Let's dive into her story and discover what makes her work so special.


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A Passion for New Zealand's Beauty

From the moment you see Emily's artwork, it's clear that she has a deep connection with New Zealand's natural beauty. Her pieces feature everything from native birds to delicate fungi, each painted with care and precision. "Creating and painting is truly my passion, allowing me to have fun, take risks (even though I am a bit of a perfectionist), express myself, and appreciate what is around me," Emily shared. Her specialisation in watercolour painting allows her to explore various themes, from floral works inspired by her mum's garden to the diverse animal and plant life found on New Zealand's beaches.

Emily has grown up on a dairy farm in a small rural town, which has deeply influenced her connection to nature and animals, evident in her work.


Pūriri Forest Cushion Cover EMILY RAJASINGH ART

doodlewear 'Pūriri Forest’ Cushion Cover by Watercolour Taranaki Artist Emily Rajasingh


A Creative Journey

Emily's love for art started young, thanks to her supportive mum. "My mum has always really helped me foster my love for creativity (Thanks mum), even since I was just a little toddler," she said. This early encouragement led her to experiment with different art forms, including paper-mâché, drawing, painting, jewellery making, and baking. Her artistic journey continued through school and university, where she was inspired by fellow artists and teachers.

One of her significant influences was her high school art teacher, Sandi Hickey, who encouraged her with the words, "Emily, you can paint anything, it’s all just line, shape, and form." This encouragement propelled Emily to pursue realistic botanical paintings during her NCEA Art board, where she discovered her love for watercolours. She recalls meeting Nancy Tichborne, a renowned watercolorist, who further inspired her with her talent and kind words. It’s amazing how the people we surround ourselves with can shape our journey in such meaningful ways! Emily's journey is a beautiful reminder of that.


Circular Fantail Pohutukawa tee EMILY RAJASINGH ART

doodlewear 'Circular Fantail Pohutukawa’ Cushion Cover by Watercolour Taranaki Artist Emily Rajasingh

Growing as an Artist

After taking a gap year, Emily studied at the Elam School of Fine Arts at Auckland University, earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Since then, she has married and settled into her new home, where she continues to create beautiful art. Emily balances her artistic pursuits with family life, enjoying time with her large family, including her beloved Labrador, Buster.


Overcoming Challenges and Finding Inspiration

Like many artists, Emily faces the challenge of putting herself out there and dealing with criticism. "Putting myself out there to be judged by others can be scary, even though most of the time I know that I am my own harshest critic," she admitted. However, the support from her community has helped her gain confidence in her work.

When she's not inspired, Emily takes a break and returns to her art later with fresh eyes. "Usually, I have to put my paintbrush down and give it a break for the day, and come back and try again later," she said with a laugh.


Dairy Farmer’s tea towel EMILY RAJASINGH ART

doodlewear 'Dairy Farmer’s’ tea towel by Watercolour Taranaki Artist Emily Rajasingh


The Artistic Process

Emily's artistic process begins with an idea that pops into her head, followed by gathering reference images, sketching, and then painting. Her work has become more refined and realistic over the years, showcasing her growth as an artist. Watercolour remains her favourite medium due to its ease of blending and layering colors, as well as its easy cleanup.


Inspirations and Role Models

Emily draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and animals around her in New Zealand. Her role models include her high school art teacher and Nancy Tichborne. "The beauty of the nature and animals around us in NZ" is a constant source of inspiration for her, and she loves making people smile with her work.


Watercolour Taranaki Artist Emily Rajasingh

Watercolour Taranaki Artist Emily Rajasingh and her hubby.


Life Outside of Art

When she's not painting, Emily enjoys cooking, baking, crocheting, sewing, and spending time with her husband and family. She also loves going to the beach, playing the guitar, reading books, and exploring the great outdoors.


Classic Kiwi Treats tea towel EMILY RAJASINGH ART

doodlewear 'Classic Kiwi Treats’ tea towel by Watercolour Taranaki Artist Emily Rajasingh


Conclusion: A Bright Future Ahead

Emily's journey as a Taranaki artist is a testament to her passion, dedication, and love for New Zealand's natural beauty. Her work continues to evolve, and she looks forward to seeing where her art will take her next. "I can’t wait to see where my art takes me and what I paint next!" she exclaimed.

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