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Celebrating Creativity with Cara Brasted: A Watercolour Artist's Journey

Discovering the Inspiring World of a Watercolour Artist Cara Rose Art

Nestled in Te Whanganui-A-Tara, Wellington, contemporary watercolour artist Cara Brasted finds joy in creating whimsical ink and watercolour illustrations inspired by the nature and community surrounding her. When she isn’t creating art, you might find her on a hiking trail, in the garden, playing music, or working at a community centre. Her artistic journey is a testament to the profound impact of creativity on one's life, and today, we delve into her world in an exclusive Creative Chats Interview.

Meet Wellington's exquisite watercolour artist, Cara Brasted, the creative force behind Cara Rose Art.

Meet Wellington's amazing watercolour artist, Cara Brasted, the creative force behind Cara Rose Art.

Embracing Creativity from Childhood

From a young age, Cara found solace and joy in the realm of artistry. "Art has been my go-to activity since before I can remember," she shares. "When people around me were quietly reading books, I was more interested in getting out art materials to work on a creative project."


Nurturing Dreams of Artistry

Supported by a family deeply rooted in artistic endeavours, Cara's path as an artist felt natural. "My family has always been supportive of my art—and my parents and brother are all musicians," she explains. "From a young age I had people encouraging my creativity, and I know that has encouraged me to dive into creative endeavours today—because I have always known and felt that I CAN be an artist."


Discover the vibrant world of watercolours with Wellington artist Cara Brasted of Cara Rose Art, showcasing her talent at one of Wellington's bustling markets.

Wellington's vibrant watercolour artist, Cara Brasted, shares her stunning creations at a local market as Cara Rose Art.


Embarking on a Creative Journey

Over the past year, Cara's artistic aspirations have expanded beyond the canvas. "Over the past year, I have been studying Creative Arts Therapy, and will continue over the next two years, with a goal to become an Arts Therapist," she shares. "Using art as a tool for people to express themselves and to process complex thoughts and feelings is a deeply fulfilling path that I am eager to pursue."

Drawing Inspiration from Heritage

Reflecting on her familial ties, Cara draws inspiration from her grandmother, a skilled watercolour artist, and an aunt who masterfully wields oil pastels. "There are artists in my family who have taught me their own art styles," she reflects, "and I have absorbed some of their techniques and ways of setting up their art studios. Specifically, my grandmother was a watercolour artist who encouraged me to splash out and try new things, and an aunt who creates mostly oil pastel pieces, always with a vibrant new canvas on her wall." Cara describes how her aunt keeps an “inspiration board” in her art studio, adorned with images, textures, and colours that fuel her creativity. "It is something that I now do in my own art studio for inspiration," she adds, recognising the profound impact of familial creativity on her own artistic journey.



Cara, the watercolour artist, rocking her 'Heartwarming Kawakawa' leaf long sleeve tee from her Doodlewear collab.


Finding Inspiration in Nature

Nature serves as Cara's muse, infusing her artwork with a sense of wonder and tranquility. "The closer you look, the more detail you can see, in colours, the way plants move in the wind, and the feeling that comes with being outside," she shares. "I love trying to capture that in my illustrations."


Nurturing Creativity

During moments of creative block, Cara turns to art as a form of self-expression and exploration. "It really helps me to create art that I never intend to show other people or hang on the wall, just creating art for the feel of it, the repetition, the texture, and it gives me a chance to explore new materials," she explains. "When I dedicate time for this type of art, it always helps me get into a creative “flow” and I feel it is easier to let my imagination guide new pieces."


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Spreading Joy through Art

For Cara, art holds the power to uplift and inspire. "If my art can bring a splash of joy into other people’s lives, especially when the world is heavy, then I know I have achieved something hugely important," she expresses.


Essential Artistic Tools: A Miniature Watercolour Set

When asked about her most important artist tool, Cara eagerly shared, "My little tiny watercolour set!" With enthusiasm, she described it as being the size of her hand, yet indispensable for all her painting endeavours. "I can take my art studio with me ANYWHERE," she exclaimed. "I even have it with me when I go on hikes and go to work—just in case! You never know what will inspire you creatively!" This portable set serves as her faithful companion, allowing her to capture moments of inspiration wherever they may arise.


Cara Rose Art, a talented watercolour artist, with her trusty tiny set.


Exploring Doodlewear: A Creative Collaboration

"Fresh from the Garden" holds a special place in Cara's heart as it marks the beginning of her journey with Doodlewear. "This piece was inspired by the beauty of nature and the joy of fresh produce," she reminisces, "making it a perfect fit for a tote bag destined for the bustling atmosphere of a vegetable market." Doodlewear provided the platform to transform this vision into reality, allowing Cara to share her art in a tangible and accessible way through collaboration. "The success of 'Fresh from the Garden' sparked a wave of creativity," Cara reflects, "inspiring me to explore new designs and discover the types of art that people resonate with in their everyday lives."


Doodlewear presents 'Fresh From The Garden' art print tote bags, featuring stunning designs by NZ watercolour artist Cara Rose Art

Doodlewear 'Fresh From The Garden' art print tote bags, featuring stunning artwork by NZ based watercolour artist Cara Rose Art.


Finding Inspiration in Tranquility: The Story of "Evening Glow"

Cara reflects on her most meaningful piece of art, "Evening Glow," with a sense of nostalgia. Initially, the doodles were a form of self-reflection, never intended for the world's eyes. However, this humble creation evolved into something deeply personal for her. As she fondly recalls, a friend once remarked, "I can almost smell the fennel." This simple observation transports her to moments of tranquility—sipping tea, tending to her garden, and basking in the warmth of nature with loved ones.


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Embarking on a Creative Journey

As Cara continues her journey through the ever-changing world of art, she holds firm to her values of authenticity and equilibrium. "Selling my art is still mind-blowing," she reflects. "It has been the steepest learning curve of my life, learning about how to sell my artwork—and I imagine it will continue to be a steep learning curve!" With determination, she outlines her aspirations: "I have goals to continue to share my designs on usable art, as well as keep up with my own art practices that are just for me and processing my own emotions, and I hope to maintain that balance," she shares.


Encouragement for Aspiring Artists

Cara has a heartfelt message for budding artists: "Everyone creates art in different ways. If there is a certain medium or style that you really like, try it out. If you like it, really focus in on it! People will always make their own opinions about art that they see, and you never know when your art will move someone or 'click' with them." She encourages aspiring creators to embrace their uniqueness and explore their creative passions.


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In conclusion, Cara Brasted's artistic odyssey exemplifies the transformative power of creativity, weaving together elements of nature, heritage, and personal expression. As she continues to share her vision with the world, her art serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities of imagination and the enduring joy it brings to those who encounter it.



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