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Why Do People Buy and Wear Vintage Tee Shirts?

tee shirtsDoodlewear - 'NZ Native Flora' (2020) art print t shirt by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh Creates

If you go out to a popular hangout spot during a warm afternoon, you'll probably notice one main thing; many people are wearing tee shirts. Tees with vintage-feel prints are extremely popular year-round, and you'd have a tough time going to a public space and not seeing them.

When you notice all these cool and trendy shirts around you, you may wonder one thing; why are they so popular? There are heaps of different kinds of casual clothing that can be worn everywhere; why do tees remain most peoples' clothing of choice?

Once you learn all the reasons why these shirts are so prevalent, you'll definitely want more of them for your wardrobe.


Deeply Wild Snowy Mountainsdoodlewear 'Deeply Wild Snowy Mountains' art print mountain tshirts by calligrapher and illustrator Emma Pearce-Hagen of Inkberry Calligraphy. 

Why Are Vintage Printed Tees So Popular?

As trends change and fashion evolves, many types of clothing go out of style as people stop wearing them to move on to something new. But, this never happens to stylish vintage-feel tee shirts, and it probably never will. So, even if you go back a few years, you will still see people wearing cool and colourful shirts.

So, why is this? These shirts' popularity can be attributed to many unique and helpful factors, such as the following:

You Can Get High-Quality Unique Shirts. You’ve probably seen hundreds of printed shirts that look the same because they all have the same brand logos or pop culture characters on them. While there is nothing wrong with sporting your pride for your favourite brands, with creative and excellent printed shirts, you can take your fashion to the next level with unique looks that aren’t mass produced.

For example, here at doodlewear, we are proud to offer you shirts that are amazingly high-quality. Our line of vintage-feel tee shirts is full of wonderfully comfortable and cool shirts printed with beautiful artwork. All of these outstanding art pieces have a pleasantly classic vintage feel to them, and are akin to art that you would hang on the wall - why keep an art print on the wall for only a few pairs of eyes to see when you could wear it and share it with the world?

Surprised teeDoodlewear - 'Surprised' (2021) art printed t shirt by Auckland based Mixed Media Artist Fiona Ehn.

They're Incredible Versatile. Something that's immediately noticeable about these shirts is their versatility. Unlike some kinds of clothing, which usually only come in specific patterns or colours, you can find a good casual tee in practically any colour or design. So, if you have a particular fashion style or you prefer specific colours or patterns, you will most likely be able to very easily find a tee that you adore.

They're Easy To Wear. Due to their versatility, vintage-feel shirts are incredibly easy to wear. You can find shirts to go with nearly any style, and building an outfit around a cool shirt is easy and fun. For people who enjoy streetwear, nicely-printed tee shirts can be the perfect thing to show off your stylish fashion sense and stay effortlessly cool at the same time.

While some people enjoy putting together clothing, accessories, or makeup, not everyone has the time or will to create elaborate outfits every day. A fashionable tee is a perfect option for those who want to stay stylish and attractive without having to sink a lot of time into dressing up.

Crowned Dahlia teeDoodlewear - 'Crowned Dahlia' (March 2020) art print t shirt by NZ Contemporary Artist Anna Mollekin.

They're Incredibly Comfortable. Some fashionable items just aren't easy to wear, no matter how stylish they are. While it's occasionally fun to wear cool and trendy clothes that are perhaps a little restrictive, most people don't want to do this all the time. So, for clothing that is cool and cosy, many people reach for some comfy tees.

Good-quality tees are perfect for basically anything. So whether you're out shopping, getting some chores done or simply having a lazy day at home, you can easily toss on a fun tee and relax without a care.


Retro Rockin' Robins tee - Limited Edition of 50 Good Vibes | Only 42 Left TRISH HARDING ART

doodlewear 'Retro Rockin' Robins' Limited Edition retro tshirt designs by NZ Contemporary Realism Artist Trish Harding of Trish Harding Art, available exclusively at doodlewear.


They Can Help You Show Off Your Interests. How you dress can say quite a lot about your personality, and if you have particular interests that you're proud of, a printed shirt can be the perfect way to express it. There are virtually no limits to what you can print on a shirt; therefore, finding something that shows your specific interests should only take a few clicks.

For example, if you like animals, you can get a shirt with a cool or cute animal on it. Or, if you enjoy making people smile, you can put on a shirt printed with a cute or funny drawing.

Funky Fungi tee LESH CREATES

Doodlewear - 'Funky Fungi' (2020) art print t shirt by New Zealand Illustrative Artist Lesh Creates.


Where Can I Find Creative And Unique Shirts In New Zealand?

Clearly, tee shirts are a type of clothing that isn't going away anytime soon, and for many great reasons. If you're ready to add some trendy new tees to your wardrobe, look no further than our extensive collection at Doodlewear. We have heaps of different designs available, so you will indeed find something that suits your interests. We have comfy and fun clothing available for men, women, children and infants - so you can find cool new clothes for your whole family!

To really enhance your collection, you could even consider buying from our exclusive selection of limited edition pieces. These beautiful pieces will only have 50 of each t-shirts will ever be produced, regardless of size, style, or garment colour. Once these amazing art print t-shirts are gone, they will never be produced again on clothes, so when you wear one, you can relish the fact that you have something extraordinary.

If you have any questions about our clothing, or if you simply want to talk to us about our work, please give us an email at info@doodlewear.co.nz; we'd love to hear from you!

Look cool and feel comfortable with awesome tee shirts from doodlewear!

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