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Young NZ Artists: A Chat with Halle Arts

Discover the Creative World of Young NZ Artists: Meet Halle Arts

Young NZ artists are making waves in the art world with their unique styles and creative approaches. One standout is Halle Mollekin, an Auckland-based Contemporary Mixed Media Artist. At just 16 years old, Halle is captivating audiences with her fun and quirky pieces. Her neurodivergence is one of her superpowers, fuelling her exceptional creativity and distinctive artistic vision. Join us in our Creative Chats interview as we explore the vibrant world of Halle, delving into her unique style, inspirations, and creative processes. You'll discover Halle Mollekin's journey, her playful and quirky art style, and how her internship at Doodlewear shapes her artistic growth.


Meet Halle Arts

Auckland, is home to Halle Mollekin the creative behind Halle Arts, an artist known for her cool cartoon style. Her art ranges from iPad creations to watercolour paintings, showcasing a unique set of skills. Halle has been creating art since she was three years old and has continued to develop her talent part-time while managing her school commitments.


Halle Mollekin, a doodlewear intern, captures the essence of Young NZ Artists in her vibrant designs.

Doodlewear 'Sally and Simon' tees, a special collaboration between one of our Young NZ Artists, Halle Art, and her mum, Anna Mollekin.


A Day in the Life of Halle Arts

We recently caught up with Halle, who was kind enough to share some insights into her life and art. Halle works at Doodlewear as an intern every Wednesday through her school’s pathway program. She shared, "A typical day working at Doodlewear involves marketing, editing videos, taking photos for social media, and creating art for products following fun art briefs. What I like most about the internship is creating the art for Doodlewear. I get to sketch it in my sketchbook, then develop it further into a final digital artwork, and finally see it on the finished product."


Halle Mollekin

Halle Mollekin, a doodlewear intern, captures the essence of Young NZ Artists in her vibrant artworks.


The Journey of a Young Artist

Halle’s journey as one of the young NZ artists is inspiring. When asked if she always wanted to be an artist, she said, "No, because people didn’t buy my art. I have been doing a lot of pet portrait commissions lately which has been going really well, and it has ignited my love for drawing animals and wanting to pursue and develop my style and this subject matter further."


Fantail and Manuka: Nature's Duet Cushion Cover HALLE ART


Inspirations and Aspirations

Halle draws inspiration from various sources, including her dolls. "I collect vintage Barbies and Monster High dolls, new edition Monster High dolls, as well as Rainbow High dolls," she explained. Her role model is her mother, Anna Mollekin, a New Zealand Contemporary Artist and owner of Doodlewear.

When asked about her future aspirations, Halle said she initially wanted to be a chef but is still figuring things out. She dreams of continuing to sell her art and considers it a significant marker of success.


Halle and Anna Mollekin

Halle with her Mum Anna and the doodlewear fusion artwork they created together, "Sally and Simon"


Overcoming Creative Blocks

Like many young NZ artists, Halle faces creative blocks. When she’s not inspired to create, she turns to music and games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons to regain her mojo. 


Clive The Slime Rat long sleeve tee HALLE ART

Celebrating young NZ artists: Doodlewear's 'Clive The Slime Rat' long sleeve t-shirt by Auckland contemporary mixed media artist Halle Mollekin of Halle Art.


The Unique Style of Halle Arts

Halle's art is known for its playful and weird themes. Halle shared, "I started with drawing heads that looked like butts but has since evolved to create fun art with heads that look like heads". Her creativity knows no bounds, and she enjoys infusing her characters with a unique twist. When asked why she makes this type of art, she replied, "Because it's cool."


Crazy Cupcake tea towel HALLE ART

Quality 100% cotton large 'Crazy Cupcake' cupcake tea towel by Auckland Contemporary Mixed Media Artist Halle Mollekin of Halle Art, showcasing the vibrant talent of young NZ artists.


Success and Future Goals

Success for Halle means selling her art. She finds joy in seeing her creations appreciated by others and dreams of continuing to develop her unique style. If she could be any animal, she’d choose to be a cat so she could sleep all day, a testament to her playful, dreamy and creative, yet strong personality.



Vampire Girl long sleeve tee HALLE ART


Discover the talent of young NZ artists with Doodlewear's 'Vampire Girl' navy vampire long sleeve tee by Auckland contemporary mixed media artist Halle Mollekin of Halle Art.


Final Thoughts and Advice

Halle's advice to her younger self is straightforward: "Just draw." This mantra has guided her through her artistic journey and continues to inspire her work. Her advice to young or new artists is also simple yet profound: "Just draw your drawing would get better if you just draw and stop listening to the boring haters."

As we conclude our chat with Halle, it's clear that young NZ artists like her are a testament to the vibrant and diverse art scene in New Zealand. We invite you to explore Halle’s unique creations and check out her Doodlewear collaboration collection. Her art is a delightful blend of creativity and fun, perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy to their life.

Let’s support young NZ artists and celebrate their incredible talents!

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