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Feels Like Summer Collection: Unveiling the Artistry in T Shirts NZ

T Shirts NZ: Stylish Selections

Welcome to the vibrant world of doodlewear's T-Shirts NZ "Feels Like Summer Collection," where art comes alive on 25 stunning tees created by 17 talented New Zealand-based artists. In this blog, we'll delve into the inspirations, mediums, and stories behind each unique piece, celebrating the diversity and creativity of Kiwi artists. 

Chip Drunk Tee by Matt Coates Art

 T Shirts NZ: The Cheeky Seagull's Indulgence

Dive into the "Chip Drunk" tee by Auckland artist Matt Coates Art, where a seagull, adorned with a paper hat, dozes off from indulging in hot chips at a Kiwi beach. It was created using watercolour and ink pen. Matt Coates, reflecting on the artwork, shares, "Chester the seagull, who had been craving chips all day, swoops in for the chew and passes out from the sheer excitement of his salty snack. I suspect Chester will have a mighty chip hangover in a few hours."


Chip Drunk tee MATT COATES ART

doodlewear 'Chip Drunk' art print Staple Carolina Blue t shirt by New Zealand Artist Matt Coates (pictured).

Bloom Where You Are Planted Tee by Jane Crisp

Embracing Growth: The Hare and Peonies

Waikato artist Jane Crisp's "Bloom Where You Are Planted" tee features a hare surrounded by peonies, portraying the beauty of growth in unexpected places. It was painted in watercolour. "Like a flower that grows through a crack in the concrete, sometimes we have to make the best of our situations and bloom where we have been planted," Jane explains, capturing the essence of resilience.

Bloom Where You Are Planted tee JANE CRISP

doodlewear 'Bloom Where You Are Planted' art print Maple Black t shirt by Waikato Contemporary Realist Artist Jane Crisp (pictured).

Kea's Lace and Coromandel Striped Gecko's Lace Tees by Anna Mollekin

Symmetry in Nature: Kea and Gecko Tales

Auckland Artist, Anna Mollekin, the doodlewear owner, presents "Kea's Lace" and "Coromandel Striped Gecko's Lace." The original T Shirts NZ artwork was first sketched in pen and later recreated digitally by hand. Anna aims to depict the delicate connection between nature and the New Zealand Kea, expressing movement and balance. She shares, "It's about the threads of lace that tie our world together."

Kea's Lace tee ANNA MOLLEKIN

doodlewear ‘Kea's Lace’ art print Mali Black T Shirts NZ by Contemporary New Zealand Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin. 

Coromandel Striped Gecko's Lace tee ANNA MOLLEKIN

doodlewear ‘Coromandel Striped Gecko's Lace’ Staple Navy T Shirts NZ by Contemporary New Zealand Artist and doodlewear owner Anna Mollekin

Ruru + Puriri Tee and Te Mata Bay Tee by Lesh Creates

Nature's Beauty Unleashed: Owls, Beaches, and Memories

Wellington artist Lesh McNicholl of Lesh Creates introduces "Ruru + Puriri," a playful owl amidst Puriri flowers, and "Te Mata Bay," capturing the essence of a Kiwi holiday. This t shirts NZ artwork was created using acrylic paint and an Indian ink pen. Lesh shares, "Even though this artwork depicts a specific bay, it somehow feels very familiar and is reminiscent of a Kiwi summer holiday. I aimed to evoke the feeling of looking through a telescope and highlight what were important memories for my customers. It's something I believe many Kiwis would connect with and feel nostalgia for, even if they haven't been to this particular location." These artworks celebrate the beauty of nature and evoke memories of New Zealand summers, connecting us to our roots.

Ruru + Puriri tee LESH CREATES

doodlewear 'Ruru + Puriri' art print Maple Berry tshirt by New Zealand illustrative artist Lesh Creates (pictured).

Te Mata Bay tee LESH CREATES

doodlewear 'Te Mata Bay' art print Staple Petrol Blue by New Zealand illustrative artist Lesh Creates.

Call Of The Kārearea Tee by Maria Elizabeth Artist

 The Majestic Falcon: A Family Favourite

Wellington artist Maria Benison of Maria Elizabeth Artist's "Call Of The Kārearea" tee showcases the native New Zealand Falcon. This t shirts NZ artwork was hand-drawn in ink pen black-and-white. Inspired by local requests, Maria says, "This portrait was inspired by numerous requests made at local markets in the Wellington region. I found creating this piece enjoyable, as the Kārearea/Falcon is one of my family's favourite birds."

 Call Of The Kārearea tee MARIA ELIZABETH ARTIST

doodlewear 'Call Of The Kārearea' art print Staple Black t shirt by Wellington-based artist Maria Elizabeth.

Tropical Summer Flower Tee by Clouds of Colour

Vibrancy in Design: Summer Elements Collide

Tasman artist Bec Brown of Clouds of Colour's "Tropical Summer Flower" tee is a vibrant blend of flowers, beach, sunshine, and birds. It was originally hand-drawn using an ink pen, with digital colour added once scanned. The artist expresses, "I wanted to bring together all the magical elements I love into one design: flowers, beach, sunshine, nature, birds, stars, with bold vibrant colors for summer!"

Tropical Summer Flower tee CLOUDS OF COLOUR

doodlewear 'Tropical Summer Flower' Maple Petrol Blue t shirt by New Zealand Artist Clouds of Colour (pictured).

Mademoiselle Coco and Sun Goddess Tees by One Thousand Blooms

Elegance in Bloom: Chrysanthemums and Gerberas

Auckland photographer Natalie Pearce of One Thousand Blooms presents "Mademoiselle Coco" and "Sun Goddess," featuring chrysanthemum and gerbera blooms photographs. The artist shares, "Simple but oh-so-stylish." These designs capture the timeless beauty of nature.

Mademoiselle Coco tee ONE THOUSAND BLOOMS

doodlewear 'Mademoiselle Coco' Mali Black t shirt by New Zealand photographer Natalie Pearce of One Thousand Blooms.


doodlewear 'Sun Goddess' Mali White tshirt by New Zealand photographer Natalie Pearce of One Thousand Blooms.

Mana Motuhake and Purple Kōrero Ake Tees by Arohanoa Artistry

Contemporary Maori Art: Women Empowerment

Tauranga Contemporary Maori Artist Arohanoa Mathews of Arohanoa Artistry, with "Mana Motuhake" and "Purple Kōrero," aims to empower women through art. This artwork was originally acrylic paint on canvas then digitised. "My images of the ‘mokokauae’ (Maori women’s chin tattoo) for me, symbolise a woman’s identity, pride, integrity and voice. My art aims to empower women from all ages and cultures to use their voice in all aspects of their life," she passionately explains.

Purple Kōrero Ake tee AROHANOA ARTISTRY

doodlewear 'Purple Kōrero' Staple Pink Tshirt by Contemporary Maori Artist Arohanoa Mathews of Arohanoa Artistry (pictured).


doodlewear 'Mana Motuhake' Staple Cobalt tshirt by Contemporary Maori Artist Arohanoa Mathews of Arohanoa Artistry (pictured).

Native NZ Tee by Kirsty McMahon Artist

 T Shirts NZ Kiwiana Pride: A Celebration Of New Zealand

Pukekohe artist Kirsty McMahon Artist's "Native NZ" tee proudly displays Kiwiana in negative space, surrounded by native flora. This T-Shirts NZ artwork was originally fine-line ink pen and watercolour. She states, "I wanted to create a t-shirt design that Kiwis could wear proudly."


doodlewear 'Native NZ' Staple Black tshirt by Pukekohe based Artist Kirsty McMahon (pictured).

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other Tee by Trish Harding Art

Fantails and Kakas: A Contemporary Realism Masterpiece

Morrinsville Artist Trish Harding Art's "One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other" tee features fantails and a kaka on a wire, complementing her popular piece. It was originally painted in acrylic on plywood. Trish shares, "This t shirts NZ artwork was inspired by my popular piece 'What's Everyone Looking At?' and I wanted to create something to complement it."

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other tee TRISH HARDING ART

doodlewear 'One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other' Mali Black tshirt by NZ Contemporary Realism Artist Trish Harding of Trish Harding Art (pictured).

Flying Fantail Bird & Puapua Flowers Tee by Ebozzastudio

Playful Flora and Fauna: A Cartoon-style Delight

Auckland-based artist Elaine Bozza of Ebozzastudio's "Flying Fantail Bird & Puapua Flowers" tee showcases a playful fantail in flight. It was originally created as a traditional mixed media piece, hand-drawn with colour pencil and watercolour. Elaine expresses her love for New Zealand's native birds, saying, "I love seeing the native birds of New Zealand in my garden, and this artwork represents my affection for the wonderful fauna and flora of New Zealand." 

Flying Fantail Bird & Puapua Flowers tee EBOZZASTUDIO

doodlewear 'Flying Fantail Bird & Puapua Flowers' Maple Petrol Blue t shirts by Auckland Mixed Media and Digital Artist Elaine Bozza.

Intangible But With A Safety Net and Goldie & Tweetie Tees by Penny Royal Design

Surrealistic Wonders: Clouds, Eyes, Goldfish, and Canaries

Nelson artist Penny Royal Design's surrealistic tees, "Intangible But With A Safety Net" and "Goldie & Tweetie," play with whimsical and impossible elements. They were originally created in black pen and watercolour. Penny says, "Inspired by Surrealism, this artwork features whimsical and impossible elements meticulously hand-drawn and delicately water coloured."

Goldie & Tweetie tee PENNY ROYAL DESIGN

doodlewear 'Goldie & Tweetie' Mali Black t shirts by New Zealand Artist Penny Royal (pictured).

Intangible But With A Safety Net tee PENNY ROYAL DESIGN

doodlewear 'Intangible But With A Safety Net' Mali White tee shirts by New Zealand Artist Penny Royal (pictured).

Learning To Fly Tee by Bianca Laing

Butterfly Wings: Nature's Intricacies Unveiled

Wellington artist Bianca Laing's "Learning To Fly" tee features a closeup linework of butterfly wings. It was originally created in ink on paper. She shares, "I love to explore the intricacies of patterns and appreciate the often overlooked or taken-for-granted details. There is beauty in the smallest of things and magic in nature."

Learning To Fly tee BIANCA LAING

doodlewear 'Learning To Fly' Maple Black tee shirt by Wellington-based artist Bianca Laing (pictured).

Kiwi Balancing Act Tee by Auntie Betty Illustration

 Kiwi in Jenga: A Conservation Tale

Christchurch artist Betty Busby of Auntie Betty Illustration's T-Shirts NZ "Kiwi Balancing Act" humorously portrays a kiwi playing Jenga, shedding light on the conservation challenges these iconic birds face. This t shirts NZ artwork was beautifully painted in watercolour. The artist emphasises the importance of conservation efforts for kiwi survival. Betty shares, "This amusing illustration featuring a kiwi playing Jenga highlights the precarious existence of these birds in New Zealand"


doodlewear 'Kiwi Balancing Act' Maple Organic White t shirt by NZ Wildlife Artist Auntie Betty Illustration (pictured).

Surfin Sea Lion and Snack Bandits Tees by Nester Prints

Sea Lion Summer: Surfing and Snacking

Nelson artist Esther Remnant of Nester Prints presents "Surfin Sea Lion" and "Snack Bandits," capturing the carefree spirit of a sea lion enjoying the surf and seagulls relishing hot chips. They were originally created using the Lino Print art medium. Esther playfully notes about her Snack Bandits artwork, "The inspiration for this artwork came from summer articles that appear in the news about people being harassed by seagulls while eating. Never mind that we have destroyed their natural habitat and stolen all their fish. We should celebrate their adaptability, just giggle, and enjoy the chaos."

Surfin Sea Lion tee NESTER PRINTS

doodlewear 'Surfin Sea Lion' Staple Camel t shirt by Nelson based Printmaker and Illustrator Esther Remnant.

Snack Bandits tee NESTER PRINTS

doodlewear 'Snack Bandits' Staple Pale Blue tee shirts by Nelson based Printmaker and Illustrator Esther Remnant.

Kickflip Kiwi and Good Morning Fantail! Tees by M_Illustrate

 Skateboarding Kiwis and Morning Fantails: Breaking Boundaries

Nelson artist Melina van Wyk of M_Illustrate. "Kickflip Kiwi" challenges physical limitations, symbolising creative possibilities. The artist, Melina van Wyk, shares, about her digitally drawn t shirts NZ artworks "Let's break the boundaries of gravity, unlock our wings, and encourage our disabled community to soar creatively!" "Good Morning Fantail!" spreads cheer with an iconic New Zealand fantail during the special time between dusk and dawn.

Kickflip Kiwi tee M_ILLUSTRATE

doodlewear 'Kickflip Kiwi' Maple Black tshirt by New Zealand Digital Artist Melina van Wyk of M_illustrate (pictured).

Good Morning Fantail! tee M_ILLUSTRATE

doodlewear 'Good Morning Fantail!' Maple Pale Blue tee shirts by New Zealand Digital Artist Melina van Wyk of M_illustrate (pictured).

Wisteria Dreams and Brush of Paradise Tees by Dani Hedges Art

Dreamy Silhouettes: Wisteria and Birds of Paradise

Motueka artist Danielle Hedges of Dani Hedges Art presents 'Wisteria Dreams' and 'Brush of Paradise.' These tees capture vibrant and exciting scenes, inviting wearers into a world of colour and dreamy imagination. Dani shares, "These pieces are vibrant and exciting; they draws you in, and I just love it."

Wisteria Dreams tee DANI HEDGES ART

doodlewear 'Wisteria Dreams' Mali Black tees by New Zealand Contemporary Artist Danielle Hedges (pictured).

Brush of Paradise tee DANI HEDGES ART

doodlewear 'Brush of Paradise' Maple Jade tshirt by New Zealand Contemporary Artist Danielle Hedges (pictured).



Doodlewear's 'Feels Like Summer Collection': A Showcase of Artistry in T-Shirts NZ

In conclusion, doodlewear's T Shirts NZ "Feels Like Summer Collection" is a testament to the incredible artistry and creativity thriving in the heart of New Zealand. Each tee tells a unique story, capturing the essence of Kiwi culture, nature, and imagination. As you've journeyed through this T Shirts NZ blog, we hope you've been inspired by the diverse styles and narratives woven into each piece. Now, it's your turn to experience the magic first-hand. Dive into the collection, explore the art, and find a tee that resonates with your style and personality. Embrace the warmth of summer all year round with these wearable masterpieces. Visit our online store now and discover the perfect tee that speaks to you. Let your wardrobe become a canvas for New Zealand's vibrant artistic spirit!



 Chip Drunk tee MATT COATES ARTBloom Where You Are Planted tee JANE CRISP
Kea's Lace tee ANNA MOLLEKINRuru + Puriri tee LESH CREATES

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